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Fun and Stylish Ways to Utilize Dead Space Under Your Stairs

Whether your staircase is closed up or open, there are many interesting and stylish way to utilize this forgotten niche.


Homework Station

You may not have to bribe the kids to do their homework if you create this cute study nook. The double doors are great for hiding desk clutter and could easily pass as an entry way closet. Even with a desk, there’s still plenty of space for additional storage in the locker and cabinets.


Photo by Monkey Business Images on Shutterstock

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Open Office Space

An open staircase is a sweet spot to tuck in an office. Bonus: When you hit a wall, you can boost your creativity by running up and down the stairs.


Photo by jamezsomwong on Shutterstock

Working with What You Have

An air return vent and existing electrical boxes don't have to squash your efforts of using the space under your stairs. A contractor can you give you the green light and assist with your vision for the space whether it’s additional storage or a cozy office nook.


Photo by Jo Ann Snover on Adobe Stock


Reinvent the Foyer

If your home doesn’t have a foyer or coat closet, an open area under the stairs could serve the function of a coat closet but also give you an opportunity to use a hat collection as a decorative element. A hallway could store gloves, scarves, and sunglasses.


Photo by alexandre zveiger on Shutterstock

Showcase an Heirloom

A little grandstanding isn’t such a bad thing when you have a gorgeous stairway in an elegant foyer. What could have easily served as a nondescript coat closet is a niche to showcase a grandfather clock.


Serving Nook

A staircase separating a living room and dining room could serve as a mini serving nook when entertaining. Carve out a niche for a cute coffee bar, serving platters of desserts or a wine and cheese board. Add a few colorful accents, and it becomes a charming conversation starter, leaving guests impressed with your space-saving, hip interior.


Photo by pugler on Shutterstock

Tiny Kitchen

Talk about tiny living! The space under an open staircase is usually a catch-all or is left empty and underutilized. Not anymore! All the essential appliances, a sink, and even cabinets find a place under the stairs and landing.


Photo by Edvard Nalbantjan on Shutterstock

Arch Element

An arch under curved stairs lends itself to a delightfully snug reading nook. The addition of a ledge or shelves warms up the space with books, pictures, and knickknacks. Place an accent lamp on a small table, and you may have found your new favorite spot in the house.


Photo by MJTH on Shutterstock

Cube it Up

Stairs leading to a family room in the basement provide accessible and visible storage — something basements usually lack. Store winter coats or plastic totes with seasonal clothing in the large area and toys, games, crafts or sports equipment in the cubes.


Photo by Purit on Shutterstock

Pull Out All the Stops

Showcase a staircase with beautiful woodwork while utilizing the unused cavity under the stairs. Install pull-out drawers and cabinets with stylish pull handles and your staircase will be anything but dull.


Photo by Bilanol on Shutterstock

As you can see, there are countless ways to utilize the odd spaces under staircases. If you have an enclosed staircase, don’t start swinging the sledgehammer without talking to a professional contractor first.


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