Amazing Design Inspirations for a ‘His and Hers’ Dream Bathroom

When both of you’re trying to prep and primp in the morning sharing one sink, one mirror, and one outlet, you quickly realize that a ‘his and hers’ bathroom is the only solution to stop the madness. Accidentally elbowing each other and tripping over things during your morning routine starts the day on a sour note. (Why can’t I breathe in here?!)



If your bathroom is in need of a major overhaul (and that claustrophobic feeling is bringing you down), you’re probably looking for some inspiration. Well, look no further, as this open concept bathroom provides plenty of space for two, and still gives you privacy when you need it the most. Here are five design inspirations for a “his and hers” bathroom that will start your day off right.


1. An Open Shower

There are multiple reasons why this modern type of shower is appealing, and I’ll start with the most important one.


The Cleaning Factor

Without doors or a shower curtain, you can say goodbye to moldy shower liners and water-stained shower doors. Cleaning this shower is a breeze.



Two Showerheads

The ceiling showerhead provides a spa-like experience with a wide, steady stream of water flowing in a direct vertical direction (and I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at a spa? Count me in).



The other showerhead can be used for other specific purposes (like rinsing and conditioning your hair after getting it colored – no more leaning over the bathtub)!


Built-in shelving

Shower caddies are bulky and get in the way, and we all know how many times the shampoo and soap slip off of the narrow ledge in a typical shower, so built-in shelving is a game-changer.



2. ‘His and Her’ Vanities

Oh, the bliss of having two separate vanities! Even though double vanities (one vanity with two sinks) are a big step up from sharing a single one, it’s even better to have your very own.



Each of you can keep your toiletries and hair dryers to yourselves, as you both have plenty of drawer and counter space.



3. Dual Ceiling Fans

This may seem like an unnecessary add-on, but trust me – it’s needed. Even if you have the air conditioning running, the bathroom can feel overheated when two people have taken a hot shower and then are blow-drying their hair.



We’ve all had those moments when we had to step out of the bathroom to take a breather for fear of passing out from the heat, and having a ceiling fan above each vanity eliminates that altogether!


4. A Private Restroom

Whether you’ve been married for two years or 20, it’s still nice to have a little privacy now and then! Most master bathrooms have a toilet with no doors, but in a modern bathroom, a sliding pocket door is an essential.



Besides, if you have out-of-town guests who need to use the restroom while you’re getting ready, it eliminates an awkward situation.


5. A Dressing Room/Walk-In Closet

Hurray for not having to climb over the bed to reach the dresser! When you’re in a hurry in the morning, it’s frustrating to have to make acrobatic moves to access your belongings, and if there’s a closet in the bedroom, it usually doesn’t leave much room to move around with a bed, two nightstands, and dresser.



Implementing a walk-in closet as part of the bathroom not only frees up square footage in the bedroom, but it also provides a better flow for your morning routine. It’s nice to be able to step out of the shower and turn the corner to a spacious dressing area where all of your outfits and accessories are in plain sight.



(And more importantly, if you like to dance while you get ready, there’s plenty of room for that).



Remember that when you’re designing the “his and hers” bathroom of your dreams, ensuring that there’s enough space for both of you and your belongings is a vital part of the design, and an open concept can make that a reality!


Which design aspect is your favorite? “Yea or nay” on the doorless shower? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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