Comfortable and Stylish Alternatives to the Ottoman

A pouf, also known as a pouffe, (a French term for something that is puffed out) is a small solid cushion, usually cubic in shape. They’re so versatile and fun, you’ll wonder why you’ve been pouffe-less for so long!


Casual Dining

The hide rug and pouffes soften the modern edges of this studio apartment and provide an inviting casual place to sit and eat take-out.


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Pouffe in the Bedroom

Simple furnishings and color coordinated pouffes fit right in this hipster bedroom.


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Pouffes for Pooped-Out Parents

If you’re dreaming of nursery designs, consider adding a pouffe. A pouffe in this nursery serves two functions - when you’re not using it as a footrest for late night feedings, you can sit on cozy, pouffe to watch your little angel sleeping.


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Masculine Bedroom

Pouffe may sound fluffy and feminine but the pouffe is gender-neutral as seen here in this modern bachelor bedroom. One serving as a nightstand and the other as a place to sit and watch Tour de France highlights.


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Punch of Color

Grey is the new neutral but there isn’t anything hue-less about this room. A colorful assortment of pouffes in various sizes and patterns blends in perfectly with vibrant colored decor and pillows.


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Cozy Coffee Table

A pouffe in the living room can easily serve as an additional seating or in this case, a coffee table. It’s a good idea to use a sturdy placemat or piece of wood to steady the contents.


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Plant it on a Pouffe

This otherwise stark and spacious room is warmed up with the texture of a pouffe used a table for a potted plant. 


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Evoke Conversation

A casual and comfy area designed for conversation comes easy for a cozy night in with friends.


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Pouffes by the Pool

The pouffe isn’t limited to the interior rooms of your home. Water resistant pool side pouffes are a comfy way to drive off after a dip or a delightful way to enjoy a cocktail.


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Crochet in the Garden

A soft crochet pouffe sure beats laying your head on the ground. Why wouldn’t a prickly hedgehog be lured to this serene place in the garden?


Photo by Sponuka on Shutterstock

Pouffes are more than just large pillows, tossed in a corner. They’re a fun and interesting element in any room. The variety of colors, textures, and fabrics can create a comfy and cozy place to unwind in a rustic decor but their versatility also suits a modern and sleek design. With so many possibilities, one could easily become addicted to pouffes.

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