How to Use Bone White Decor & Textured Walls to Add Complexity to Your Home

Dramatic and earthy are right up there with sweet and sour in terms of concepts that are so different but somehow work so well together. An example and recent design trend of this opposites-attract phenomena is the pairing of bone white décor and textured walls.


Both of these trends are interesting enough on their own, but when they are put together in the same space, something just clicks. Here are some ways to utilize this trend in your own space.


Textural Healing

A new take on walls and fabrics this year is texture. Texture breeds engagement. When people see a textured object, they feel compelled to touch it. This makes it perfect for decorating social spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, or kitchens. Luxe fabrics have jumped from the furniture to the wall lately, with faux leather and velvet backdrops. If you don’t want to be so dramatic with your wall texture, there are plenty of other options to choose from including faux log cabin interior, or slats. You can even fake exposed brick!



Bone Up on Décor

Crisp white has given way to the earthier and organic looking bone white in terms of favored décor this year. Bone white, or raw white as it is sometimes called, is much more accessible in terms of décor thanks to its inherently flawed appearance.


Every piece can look a little unique, which is a huge plus in our artisanal culture. This is an added bonus with everyday pieces like vases or bowls which would fade into the background if they were of the crisper, cleaner fair. Bone white tells a story and pulls a room into a more rustic and comfortable realm.



Putting it All Together

Texture and bone white are great independently, but when the two are put together, something really magical happens. A look is created that is both classic and rustic. The drama of the texture is diluted slightly by the soft effect of the raw white materials around the space.


Add some soft lighting and you’ve got a serene dwelling that brings in elements of nature, luxe fabrics, and textural complexity. This lovely mix of modern and organic works great for social rooms or a more intimate bedroom setting.



Bone white décor and texture are a great example of how two seemingly unrelated design techniques can work wonders when placed together. The look is easy to pull off, as there is so much versatility with both texture and bone white décor.


The sky really is the limit when it comes to designing a textured room with bone white accents. Raw white gives you the freedom to choose virtually any color you want for your space and still have it looked polished.


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