Everything You Need to Know About the Pixel Palette Design Trend

Thanks to our ubiquitous smartphones, HBO, and the ever-growing hunger for both the new and nostalgic, techies have become trendsetting rock stars. The Silicon Valley style has even trickled down to home design, birthing a movement that marries both the neutral and sharp, the clean and jagged.


Innovation is the theme with this out of left field movement. Attempting the unexpected and daring to connect by combining is what technology is all about. The look can also be quite playful, with bright 8-bit inspired décor and retro video-game call backs. Read on for how to start your tech-inspired design adventure!


Electric Slide

The pixel palette, much like actual pixels, acts as a sort of interior design mosaic. Apart, the pieces and colors are starkly different, but when put together, they create a beautifully connected singular space.


The combination of wicker and a vibrant wall is a perfect example of how these two different planes of design work with each other so well. To accomplish this controlled chaos, don’t be afraid to use saturated versions of your favorite colors. Think grape purple, neon green, and electric blue.


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These bright, powerful versions will give your room energy when set off against neutrals. Conveniently, it doesn’t matter if you choose to go neutral with your décor or your walls. The bold colors look great on walls as well as in décor so you have a lot of options to play around with.


Innovation Decoration

The innovative way techie design is framed lies within the need for constant improvement. Streamlining furniture and opening up space for efficiency is this style’s way of paying homage to the same principles that drive the technology market.


While smart houses are fast becoming an actual thing (and anyone who has seen the episode of “The Simpsons” where Pierce Brosnan voices a murderous technology-enhanced home can tell you how scary a thought that can be), we will focus on the analog way of streamlining the décor for this style.


The techie-inspired style brings the office to the forefront of the home in terms of clutter prevention décor. The clutter in this instance is already happening with the varied colors and textures. This means that any additional décor should be sparse and useful. Hung art should complement the colors used, as should any vases, bookends, or other design “extras.”


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Silicon Valley of the Dolls

The retro-love felt by current homebuyers is apparent in viral images circulating of people decking out their bathrooms and game rooms in homemade pixelated decals. A subtle approach to video game-inspired décor lies in the fine art of color blocking a room.


Now, this does not mean you need to paint your walls different colors to bring to mind your favorite plumber brothers. This simply means making sure that the highly defined colors work in-tandem while separate to tie the image together you are trying to portray.


This is pretty much how retro video games look – rudimentary shapes doused in color. Geometric shapes, patterns, and designs are also welcome and stylish ways to bring the pixel palette to life, especially if you are leaning more toward the subtle video-game design.


This inventive new techie design trend is a great way to incorporate electric energy into your home while still maintaining a Zen balance. If you would like to try out some not scary technology, head on over to our innovative Virtual Rooms and become a digital designer using our 3D design tools!

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