How to Re-purpose a Spring Frame Into a Craft Corner

Don’t throw away that old crib just yet. Transform the mattress spring frame into a crafty organizer!

By Erica Young


A sturdy baby crib can last through multiple children, being passed down as each bundle of joy arrives. As a result, a crib is usually a little worse for wear. From infants using the rails as their personal teething rings to being treated like a trampoline by rough and tumble toddlers, the crib has seen it all. So once your children have grown, what’s to be done with the worn-out family crib?


Instead of adding it to the landfill, repurpose! Take apart the crib, and transform the pieces into something unique. Reusing furniture in a new way isn’t only eco-friendly but can be a fun and affordable way to refresh your décor. Here’s how to take that old crib mattress spring frame, and change it into a craft supply organizer.


1. Disassemble the Crib

Take apart the crib. Remove the rails to free the spring frame. This is the rectangular metal piece of the crib that supports the mattress. Once you’ve isolated the mattress spring, it’s easy to see what a useful piece it’s; full of possibilities thanks to its metal grid work and durable construction.




2. Gather Baskets and Containers

To turn the mattress spring into a craft organizer, you’ll need to add containers to hold the supplies. Gather metal wire baskets, buckets, and jars in different sizes. You’ll also need zip ties to attach the containers to the spring frame. Match the zip ties to the color of your spring frame for a clean look.




3. Build the Craft Organizer

Attach the containers to the spring frame with the zip ties, cutting any excess length off the zip tie ends. There’s no perfect formula for placement of the containers. Assess what kind of art supplies you’ll be storing to decide how many containers you’ll need, and where they should be located. For this project, I spread out the baskets — placing the smallest on top and the largest on the bottom. I also secured a small bucket to the spring for smaller items that would fall through the baskets.




4. Add the Craft Supplies

Now comes the fun part of arranging and organizing the art supplies. Paint, glue, paper can be stored in the baskets, while a small bucket is perfect for markers. Use wood clothespins to attach stickers or other small materials. You can use any extra space to display kids’ artwork.




5. Create a Crafting Corner

Hang the spring frame on the wall using two heavy duty wall nails or hooks. To make the whole area functional, add a small table, a fun rug, and plenty of bright light. Your little artists will take it from there!




This project will ensure that your children can continue to use the baby crib, even long after they’ve outgrown it. You’ll love having a special (and free!) piece to keep the supplies organized, and they’ll love exploring their creativity in this unique space.




Images used with permission, courtesy of Erica Young

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