How to Get More Living Space Out of Your Loft

Solve your storage problem using a loft's natural flow.

By Catherine Stansfield


With a few simple adjustments and smart design decisions, your loft can have everything you need, without sacrificing space.


Loft apartments are celebrated for their open-concept designs and stylish, tasteful arrangements. Yet they can also be short on space for storage and other needs. This can create a breeding ground for clutter, which then disrupts the natural flow of your loft.


Thankfully, there is no reason your style must be surrendered for space, or vice versa. Follow these tips to learn about storage and design solutions to increase the amount of living space in your loft.




1. Minimalism is a Must

When you are acting as your own designer or planner, it is important to view your loft as one harmonious area. When you visualize your space in this way, it becomes clear that not every piece in your home can act as a focal point.


For example, consider a sleeker sofa or loveseat in place of a sectional. If your bedroom is tight, opt for a queen-sized bed rather than a king. Bulky furniture can quickly use up all available space in your home, creating an obstacle course rather than an open-concept loft. If you are having trouble visualizing a minimalist design, try House Tipster’s VR Virtual Room.




2. Use Smart Storage

There is no reason why storage must devour so much livable space within your loft. Built-in storage solutions can free up space and improve your overall design with a simple, clean appearance. And even better, built-in shelving units can function exceptionally well in small spaces.




Tuck books away or surround your media setup with built-in shelving pieces to store devices, décor, and other items for which you struggle to find a place. There are also bedframes available which utilize the space beneath your bed as a practical storage option.


3. Mount Your Monitors

Like built-in solutions, mounting your devices on your walls and developing each square inch of space you have can limit the wasted space in your various areas. Television stands are often bulky and can dictate your living area. Try mounting your computer monitor to create usable space on your desk.  Mounted monitors and screens look modern and can vastly improve the usage of space within your loft.




4. Foldable Furniture

Collapsible furniture is a functional solution to freeing up floor space. If your table use is limited to yourself or only a few people, it is unnecessary to have a table with seating for eight present in your loft on a daily basis.  Invest in a table that can expand and collapse to suit your seating needs. You may also want to consider a Murphy bed, which can fold away into your walls, allowing more room for guests or daily activities.  If you are working with a strict budget, futons are another option.




5. Rolling Away Wasted Space

If the kitchen in your loft does is short on counter room, a kitchen island cart can solve the problem. Not only does the cart version of a kitchen island offer more cooking capacity, but its portability can free up space. When not in use, the cart can be rolled away to enhance the flow of your kitchen and dining spaces. Rolling chairs and desks can provide similar solutions.




6. Look for Lighting Solutions

Floor lamps or table lamps with wide bases can clutter your floor space and limit the surface space of your end tables, nightstands, and desks. Look for lighting in smaller packages, such as a modern desk lamp. However, an even more efficient solution is to make use of your walls and ceiling. Wall lamps, ceiling lights, or recessed lighting can keep your loft well lit but your space wide and open.




7. Get Creative

Extra space can be found in unconventional places. Replace your coffee table with a fashionable trunk to give your loft a clever piece of furniture that can double as storage. Limit the need for multiple wardrobes, armoires, and dressers by using stackable hangers to tuck clothes away neatly and with minimal space wasted. Also, place hooks or hanging clothing racks behind your doors to boost your storage space.




The loft of your dreams does not have to be ruined by the clutter of your nightmares. Many modern, industrial designs rely on open-concept and minimalist themes to achieve a cohesive look. That does not mean you have to downsize your entire life, but merely that you can search for more functional solutions to store your stuff or decorate your loft. With smart planning and creativity, you too can have a model loft.




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