How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Sagging Floor And Replace The Subfloor?

While issues with your flooring might seem common, there are certain things that you may have to think about before you try to correct any errors. The floors in your home need to be used on a daily basis, and knowing what might be obstructing the level of your subfloors before you begin to solve anything. This will give you a better idea of what costs to expect.


Average Range $500-$3000
Low-End Range $100-$300
High-End Range $6000-$10000


Before anything is decided upon, you should think about the kind of problems homeowners typically deal with. The average cost of repairing your sagging floors will range from $500 to $3000. The low-end cost range will probably be about $100 to $300. The high-end cost range will probably be about $6000 to $10000 or more. Certain corrections might end up costing a little more than other services, which will depend on the extent of your subfloor’s uneven structural integrity.



Sagging Floor Repair Cost

There could be more than just one universal problem that is causing your floors to sag. Knowing these issues will help you reflect on the repair estimate. Homeowners will need to know what kind of services are available for your encountered situation. Listed below are the common causes of why your floors might be sagging and the costs associated with them:



Cost Range

Damaged Subfloor


Joist Decay

$150-$300 per joist



Improper Installation


Water Damages


Sunk Foundation

$2400-$10000 or more


Each of these solutions and services for the damages mentioned above are crucial to how you want the project to be handled. Homeowners will have to spend about $250 to $10000, depending on which issue they’re dealing with.


Subfloor Repair Cost

The average cost of repairing your subfloors will be about $35 per square foot. Some of the common issues that could cause an unlevelled subfloor is either water or termites. Professionals will have to first inspect your subfloor to see whether the two issues mentioned above are the root cause of your damaged subflooring. 


Repair For Smaller Area $100-$200
Full Room Repair $300-$400
Replacement For Smaller Area $400-$500
Replacement For Full Room $570-$1500


Depending on the size of the area that needs the proper repair, you’ll have to spend about $100 to $1500. These repairs could involve jobs to remove any dampness that may be affecting the floor area. Homeowners should also think about whether their subfloors are made of concrete or wood. The repair method on subfloors and the costs associated with them will likely vary according to the subfloor material.


Floor Joist Replacement Cost

When homeowners hear a certain creaking or squeaking noise from when they walk on their floors, the problem may be coming from the joists. If this kind of issue arises, homeowners should correct this as soon as possible. If the joists are left in this condition, the home’s structure might be compromised, leading to worse problems than just joist decay or deterioration.


Ranging between $150 to $300 per joist, the replacement job will consist of finding the key outlier that is causing the instability within your home’s structural integrity. The joist is the board that is installed in a horizontal arrangement right above the subflooring. The professional will have to replace the joists and figure out a way to remove the weakened joists that are typically bolted along the walls. Keep in mind that this is an urgent issue in regards to your floor sagging, so it’s imperative that you have the floors repaired as soon as possible.


Termite Damage Cost

If your home or property is infested with termites, there are additional issues that you may have to manage. The problems will likely include leaking pipes, incorrect drainage, and improper airflow within your spaces. This will especially be the case for homes that are in humid environments. For a service professional to solve a problem regarding any termites that have invaded your home, you’ll have to spend about $250 to $2000.


If you’re dealing with termites, you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as you notice the issues laid out. Since these types of insects can affect the overall appearance, quality, and maintenance of your spaces, you’ll want to consult with a pest control specialist to make the proper repairs.


Proper Re-Installation Cost

There are different cost ranges to properly correct mistakenly installed flooring projects. Floors that have vinyl installed will probably cost the homeowner about $200, however, floors with marble will probably cost the homeowner around $3000 or more. Improper flooring can lead to many different errors, including the way your home is structured. These problems could be either very noticeable or the problems could be inconspicuous. 


Homeowners should keep in mind that the appearance is not the only matter that is affected by improper installations, they’ll want to remind themselves that the flooring won’t have a long lifespan. The worst case scenario that might arise is how the sensitivity might be affected, leading to warped or expanded materials.  


Water Damage Repair Cost

The estimates to repair your home from water damages will probably range between $1200 to $6000. This issue typically occurs when the materials of the subflooring, flooring, and joists are not either water resistant or waterproof. If left untreated or unchecked, the water damage will cause the floors to eventually sag. Your professional will dry the wet area, remove the mold, and begin repairing the floors. In these cases, the professionals will think about how to dehumidify the areas affected to prevent further complications in these regards.


If your home has been flooded, typically, the water will likely affect several sections throughout the home. Water usually affects vinyl, bamboo, laminate, and wood. Many of the solutions that are included with these outcomes will probably come with replacing the subfloors or even installing a new surface. 


Sunken Foundation Repair Cost

There are many different reasons as to why your concrete foundation might be impacted. The cost range, when it comes to repairing a concrete foundation will likely be about $2400 to $6800. Depending on the size and coverage of the structural damage, homeowners may only have to repair a particular section of the house. Repairing a crawl space might cost $6000, which will require a level of professional care.


In any case, each of the problems being mentioned that will ultimately lead to sagging floors, professional assistance will most likely be required. In fact, some of these issues could be the progenitor causing your flooring to sink. The professionals that you’ll want to hire in these complications are either a structural engineer or foundation specialist. 


Duration Of Sagging Floor Repairs  

Depending on the actual cause which will be found through the inspection, the duration process of the repairs might fluctuate. The reason why some of these jobs are costly, is because of the expertise required for each of the materials, depending on what led to the outcome. Typically, you have to think about what it might take to make the proper repairs, whether it’s additional materials or equipment, the size of damage will affect those factors. Simple repairs could take about three to five hours, whereas more complex repairs could take a few days.


Labor Cost To Repair Sagging Floors

Homeowners should expect the average range of hiring a contractor or a floor repair specialist to be about $25 to $100 per hour. On the basis of the coverage that needs to be repaired, this estimate can alternatively range between $15 to $50 per square foot. Like most repair or renovation projects, homeowners will have to spend a fee regarding jobs that might only need to be done for a smaller portion of your home. There are plumbers that will charge you about $150 to $850 for both the inspection and repair on a leak, if this is the cause of your water damage.


As mentioned briefly above, the affected areas could have a dehumidification project completed to avoid such occasions from happening more frequently. Dehumidification services cost about $1000 to $3000, while portable units will cost about $170 to $300.


Sagging Floor Replacement Cost

Rather than the repair costs, homeowners may have to consider replacing their subfloors or floors altogether. The severity of any damages could result in the homeowner replacing their flooring installations since the areas affected could potentially be too large to repair. Typically, the homeowner is expected to spend about $3 to $65 per square foot, depending on whether it is the subfloor or the floor that needs replacing.


Subfloor $3-$12 per square foot
Floor $5-$65 per square foot


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster

Out of the many contracting jobs that are required for your home improvement or renovation projects, homeowners have difficulty with finding the professional that will help them with sagging floor damages. Depending on what kind of project this entails, you’ll want to know what kind of contractor to hire before you consider what kind of repairs your home will need.


There are two functions to confirm whether the listing you’re interested in matches your project description: chat and reviews. The chat feature allows you to ask the listing what kind of experience they have or estimates that they’ll charge for the project you’re trying to complete. The reviews feature allows you to see whether your trade professional is someone you can rely on, in case you have any specific requirements for their qualifications and level of professionalism.


Using House Tipster as your go-to web tool, you can find the proper estimates and simultaneously cut the time of your projects in half. Our two main functions ensure that you’ll find exactly who you can trust to complete what you need, no matter how small or large the project may be.

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