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How Much Does A Concrete Driveway Cost?

Homeowners that require work done for their homes should expect their concrete driveway cost to range about $1200 to $4000. Meanwhile, the higher end to these costs associated with your concrete driveway will probably range between $5000 and $15000. The lower end to these costs will range about $900 to $1100. Having your driveway poured and paved becomes almost a natural addition to your home.


Average Range $1200-$4000
Lower Range $900-$1100
Higher Range $5000-$15000


Including the removal of your old driveway, whether it is asphalt, gravel, or concrete, having an installation with new concrete poured and paved will probably cost about $2000 to $7500. Depending on the amount of concrete, labor, and experience associated with a newer material involved, the cost of the project will ultimately be factored by these aspects.



Driveway Cost Per Square Foot

Although homeowners will expect the cost ranges that are mentioned above, the cost of installing concrete into your driveway will cost about $4 to $18 per square foot. There are many different sizes and measurements to consider before the process can actually begin. Depending on the proportions of the driveway, the cost will adjust accordingly.


An estimate for a 108-square-foot driveway will probably range between $900 to $2000. Typically, this is the average size for a single car driveway with enough space for you to maneuver the vehicle in and out. Price is ultimately determined by the quality of the concrete material.


Most homeowners will want a double-vehicle driveway which typically measures to about 400 square feet. With these instances, you’re likely to encounter a cost range of $3000 to $7000, or more depending on the quality and grade of your choice in concrete.


Size Capacity
9x12 Single
10x20 Single
12x24 Single
16x24 Double
24x24 Double
24x36 Triple


The square footage of the standard driveways will determine the capacity and volume of the vehicles for parking. Constructive materials and the amount of labor that goes into your project will determine the overall costs. Keep in mind to seriously consider the size of your driveway and the professional assistance that will go into everything.


Cost Of Concrete Driveway Preparation

A majority of the costs will most likely depend on the quantity of surface preparation that needs to be provided. Whether this is an installation or a reinstallation, an excavation contractor will visit your home to get rid of any obstructions, level the surface, and remove the topsoil. You should expect to hire another professional to have everything graded.


A grading professional will charge you about $40 to $180 on an hourly basis. Meanwhile, the excavators will likely cost you about $30 to $50 on an hourly basis. Tree stumps that need to be removed will individually cost about $200 to $300. Driveways being graded will probably cost you about $40 to $180 per hour.


Overall, homeowners may have to spend a good majority of their budget towards the grading job. Experts will advise you to use at least four inches of compacted gravel that provides the proper drainage. It goes without saying, however, if you already have an installed concrete driveway, the costs will increase due to the removal of the material.


Other Services Required For Concrete Driveway

A pressure washing job might be needed when it comes to making any repairs but it is especially vital for an installation project. Essentially, you should expect to spend about $80 to $220 to clean everything up. Other than pressure washing, homeowners might have to consider hiring a professional for sealing the smaller cracks. You should expect about $0.15 to $0.70 per square foot.


Ultimately, homeowners should seriously think about whether these services might be necessary. However, with every installation of concrete accomplished for your driveway, you’ll eventually require these services down the line. Even with the efficacy of the material, concrete will age and deteriorate like all materials considered for the project.



Homeowners should keep in mind that concrete has a standard of four inches in thickness. However, if you own larger vehicles, you may need to increase the thickness of the slab by six inches instead. The thickness of the concrete is to ensure that the vehicles can be positioned with the right kind of weight. If you overestimate the weight of your car and it affects the stability of your concrete, you’ll probably have to hire another repair specialist. This will cause a larger sum for your overall cost.  



There are essentially two options for you to make with the finishes of your driveway. You can have the driveway stained or stamped. While the staining process is more standard, stamping offers an arrangement of textures and patterns. The cost of having the driveway stamped will be about $15 per square foot.



The most common method with installing concrete into your driveway is staining. Homeowners that wish to have their concrete driveways stained will opt into a more simpler way of coloring the material. It is a permanent option that gives a long-lasting visual appeal. The options are somewhat endless and it is very cost-effective to have the concrete driveway stained.


The flaws with this finish is that the stains will not have the capacity to cover any defects on the appearance. Another mishap or ordeal that you may encounter with this option is how different materials react to different stains. It’s unfortunate that even with an endless supply of stains, only a few sorts of concrete can align with the colors. Depending on which concrete you choose to install your driveway, there will be some options unavailable for you. This is why having professional assistance will benefit you and your concrete driveway.  



Fortunately, stamped concrete is a pliable route to take for homeowners who don’t want to spend money for natural stone or brick. The finish is also very weather-proof and is very resistant against high volumes of traffic. Homeowners can also have a wide array of choices in appeal with different colors and many designs.


The convenience with choosing to have your concrete stamped is that paving is more laborious. Since the paving process requires concrete to be individually placed, homeowners with time-consumption issues will have an easier transition with the stamping option. Pavers will be vulnerable with shifting and due to the smaller spaces in between the joints, weeds will tend to grow over time. 


Some stamping materials might actually cost about $12 per square foot, but there are some options that might cost about $18 per square foot. Concrete is porous, however, there are dyes that can penetrate the pores. These colors assist homeowners with simulating indistinguishable materials.



It shouldn’t be surprising but an essential construction material required for concrete installation projects will most likely be wood slabs. Two by fours will have separate costs. You should keep in mind that these prices can elevate the contractor rates, according to your preferred specialist. Typically, the professional will use pressure-treated lumber for the concrete driveway installation.


Since pressure-treated lumber is a wood that has decay-resistant chemicals applied to it, the frames will be best-suited for such a project. Other wooden materials will rapidly decay because the concrete will cause the wood to become damp. Fortunately, this kind of lumber will come in the standard sizes to expect for a concrete driveway installation project.


Heated Concrete Driveway

Contractors will give homeowners the option of installing a radiant heating system to melt snow. It’s probably the best choice for homeowners that live in harsher cold climates. Adding the heat will likely range between $14 and $24 per square foot. This is not a job to do yourself. Since the system consists of complex tubes filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze, an expert should be the one to complete the task. The heating system will heat up the liquid with a boiler attachment and will activate automatically once the season starts.


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster

Since concrete installations deal with various different jobs and alternatives to consider, you may need multiple professionals with the project. However, the estimates you’ll want to find can be a pretty difficult portion of the process. By using House Tipster, you won’t have the headache of constantly searching for the right kind of experts for your expected project.


Finding an individual with the right professionalism, experience and affordability can be quite challenging. However, with our reviews and our portfolio feature, you can essentially browse through dozens of completed projects and tasks. Having the reassurance of other customers being satisfied by the work offers you a sense of confirmation and relief.


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