How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost?

Asphalt paving is very malleable and has various adaptations available for homeowners. Rather than just the option of paving asphalt for your driveway, you can have a whole array of your space changed with the material. The costs involved with paving any portion of the home with asphalt will vary according to the spaces you want reconstructed. 


Although the majority of homeowners will opt in to using asphalt with their driveways, you’ll have paving options for a private basketball or tennis courts and options for paving walking paths. With such a sustainable material that also offers accessibility for all homeowners, asphalt can give you residential and commercial courses of action.



Asphalt Overlay Cost

Also known as a top coat, the asphalt overlay process consists of taking out the prevalent surface and reinstalling a new layer on top. By applying a thin layer of asphalt atop, the area that requires this service will have any complication covered. Costing about $3 to $7 per square foot, it’s an option that most homeowners will find acceptable. However, should the surface be riddled with multiple holes or cracks that are considered too severe, the overlay option isn’t the service you’re looking for.


Asphalt Road Paving Cost

If you’re a commercial area owner or a business owner, you may be responsible for the accountability of repairing the roads that are involved. Occasionally, if you’re situated with building a road, you’re likely to spend about $210 to $390 per linear foot. 


Asphalt Walkway Paving Cost

For the paving services of a personal walkway, homeowners will expect to spend about $28 to $52 per square foot. This cost will also be applied for an asphalt sidewalk and the average estimated width of your walkway or sidewalk will most likely be around 48 inches. 


Cost Of Paving A Parking Lot

An estimated cost range to pave a parking lot will be $2100 to $3900 per space. So if you’re paving an asphalt parking lot for 10 spaces, you’re likely to spend about $21000 to $39000. This number will also apply for any repaving jobs that you’re likely to encounter. In some cases, for both residential and commercial asphalt areas, you’ll be charged around $5 per square foot.


Asphalt Paving For Sports Areas

Homeowners with a large enough budget can consider options of paving a basketball or tennis court, these are the costs that will be applied. You can expect to spend between $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot. Keep in mind, with such projects, the importance will come from keeping the location soundly leveled.



When an area is being paved with asphalt, there needs to be enough space in the surroundings for everything to be positioned correctly. Excavation will usually be carried out by an asphalt paving contractor who will demolish and remove the existing debris in the area. In the case of a sloped land, homeowners should call in an expert to excavate the location. This is especially the case for areas with a steep grade.



Normally, before any asphalt is involved with the process, the foundation is filled with gravel. Your professionals will put in about eight to ten inches of gravel. Estimates will range from $1 to $2.50 per square foot. Homeowners have the choice to pick either gravel or some variant of crushed stone that will stabilize the overall land, while preventing any sort of damages from extreme temperatures. 


Base Coat

Every paving project will require a base coat. By using an oil-based binder substance that will keep all the proponents in one place, the base coat acts as more of the preparation at the top surface. Ultimately, it acts as the final result and pre-application of the asphalt. The prices of such materials will vary and ultimately will be determined by both labor and quality in materials.



Like any project, before any construction or plans go into action, there are designs and layouts that need to be made. This ensures the prevention of any impediments that eventually will grow into more frustration. Drainage is usually one of the first priorities to keep in mind since erosion is quite a common occurrence and issue that any homeowner faces with projects such as this.



Asphalt starts off as a somewhat liquid material. This is basically why asphalt is easy to spread, making the surface smooth and leveled. What will act as the most efficient way to have asphalt paved in your surrounding location is the close attention to detail that goes into applying newer materials with the current one. Tonnage refers to the amount of this liquid that will be placed in the surrounding region.   


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster

It may seem like a simple task out of the tasks that need to be done for this project, however, there are many different factors that homeowners will inevitably encounter. Other than the fact that you may have to find many other specialists that have the expertise in the areas required, you want to find the right people for the job.


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