How Much Do Clean Out Services Cost?

Prices for a property cleaning will typically depend on the kind of property that needs cleaning and the size of the property itself. While there are certain tasks to prioritize first, you need to assess and see just how much work needs to be done. There are more labor-intensive tasks that can be accomplished and will most likely result in costing a larger sum.


There are dozens of reasons to dispose of your junk and clean up your yard. Whether you’re trying to get rid of old, useless knick knacks, or reorganizing the inside of your space, here are some estimates that will give you more insight into what you’ll end up paying for. Preparation is also included in the reasons for a proper cleanup. If you’re preparing for an estate sale or a foreclosure, you’re going to want to make certain that the right professionals do the job. 



Property Clean Up Prices

On average, you should expect to spend about $200 to $500 and by the minimum amount, you’ll be expected to pay about $150. The maximum amount you’ll most likely spend will be about $1200. But for a better breakdown, you can look at the chart below:


Junk Removal Estimated Cost Range
Appliances $60 to $200
Furnishings $100 to $600
Tires $5 to $15 per tire
Pianos $50 to $300
Construction Waste $100 to $800


Yard Cleanup Estimated Cost Range
Trimmings $50 to $750
Yard Debris $75 to $300
Mulch Removal $100 to $400
Flower Bed $100 to $500


Depending on the portion of your property you need serviced, you can see that the cost ranges will all vary. The prices especially fluctuate depending on whether it is your yard that needs cleaning up, or the junk you wish removed. 


How Much Does A Foreclosure Cleanout Cost?

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, as the saying goes. However, this certainly isn’t the case for homeowners who wish to clean out their unwanted objects. You can somewhat classify the kind of junk that needs to be carted away. Even if you find a professional cleaning company that has your preferences and specifications met, you’re going to have some trouble with the estimates if you don’t know which services are categorized accordingly.


Junk Removal can be conveniently low or understandably high in price. This is all scaled by the amount of junk that needs to be sent away and how heavy the amount will inevitably be. Even with seasoned removal experts, if you are in need of throwing out junk that weighs hundreds of pounds, it’s going to be quite difficult to do the job.


Large items will include appliances, furniture or mattresses, tires, old instruments like pianos, and waste left over from construction projects. The calculations are applied from the volume of cubic yards that need to be moved from location to location. Consider the space of the trucks that need to be sent to your home and the labor that goes into the job.


Volume Cost Range
0.5 $60 to $175
1 $150 to $275
1.5 $200 to $350
2 $250 to $420
2.5 $300 to $475
3 $350 to $500
3.5 $400 to $600


The volume in cubic yards will equate to the amount of space provided per truck. If you think about half a cubic yard as an 1/8th of the truck space, you can somewhat conceptualize the loads that are being driven back and forth. So if you try to apply that logic to the estimate, a full load is essentially 3.5 cubic yards.


The job typically boils down to hauling away junk loaded from five to six pickup trucks. This would probably be the best way to equate one full truck load, or 3.5 cubic yards of junk. There are many different donations that you can make as an alternative. Rather than having them thrown as junk, you can recycle them instead.


Appliance Disposal

Any major appliance that you want to get rid of, for whatever reason you may have, will cost you about $60 to $130. The convenience of appliance removal is that each additional item you wish to haul away will only cost about $30 per appliance. 


Furnishing, Upholstery, Mattress Disposal

There is always an expectation to eventually replace your furniture. Most household items have an expectancy before you purchase a new one to supplant in your living room. The average cost range to expect for the disposal of your furnishings will be anywhere from $100 to $600. However, some homeowners may be fortunate enough to only see the minimum range. You may only have to pay about $75 to $150.  


Tire Disposal

Although you may be thinking to yourself that it's an unnecessary occurrence, when the moment arrives, you’ll most likely want to know the costs that go into removing each tire. Expect to pay about $5.25 to $17 per tire. Since it’ll be heavier with the rims, the costs can go up to about $10 to $15 per rimmed tire. However, with the rims taken out, expect the cost to be around $5 to $10 per rimless tire instead.


Piano Disposal

It may sound simple and easy to do but it’s actually more of a challenge to carry and haul away a piano or organ. Homeowners that want to dispose of their old instrument will expect to pay about $200 to $300. However, this estimate can be varied by the kind of piano you formerly owned. Keep in mind that for a service to help you with hauling the piano away will cost about $250 to $600.


Construction Debris Disposal

Imagine having accomplished all the tasks that goes into your project. All the disposables that are left from that accomplishment will also need to be hauled away. You should expect about $100 to $800 in costs.


Yard Cleanup Costs

A yard cleanup is most often enacted upon, especially for the preparation of an estate sale. Although a foreclosure will end up needing the same urgency with junk removal, you’ll want the estate sale preparation to have both services done.


A cleanup that involves your yard will average to about $200 to $500. Depending on the size of the acres that you own, you’ll probably have tasks like raking, blowing, and weeding to take care of. This will also end up with removing different kinds of debris, waste, and even broken up branches.


The most menial tasks will cost as low as $150, while the most labor-intensive jobs might actually end up costing up to $2000. Unlike the amount of truck space that junk removal charges you, yard cleanups will typically charge you for acres of space the job requires to clean out.


Acres Estimated Cost Range
¼ $200-$500
½ $400-$1000
1 $800-$2000


Costs will also be affected by the amount of branches and leaves covering the land. But also by the frequency of how often the job will be done. Like most contracting or home renovating projects, cleaning companies will have a minimum to charge homeowners. This is especially the case when you decide to have a certain periodicity to how often the cleaning will be done. 


Annually $200-$500
One-Time $300-$2000
Quarterly $400-$800
Monthly $600-$1200
Bi-Weekly $650-$1300


Cost of Yard Tasks

These tasks at hand are common for yard maintenance. Depending on the structure and how complex or simple it is, the costs will vary according to the methods that need to be used. All of the methods will be individually invoiced. Keep in mind that you should try and figure out which tasks should be assigned. When the cleaning crew begins their jobs, the labor will be calculated by the severity of the yard itself.



There are all kinds of trim removals to consider. The average does go up to about $50 but can range all the way to $750. The lower range of $50 to $75 will only occur with the abundance of your shrubs. If the nuisance of the debris that results in cleaning up your yard is affecting you, the professionals will haul them all away.


Shrub trimmings can be the nesting ground for insects and termites. This unfortunately causes mildew and mold to grow on the side of your home. There’s also the disheveled appearance that overgrown shrubs and hedges can force upon your property. At the minimum, have your shrubs trimmed twice a year.


Other trimming tasks will include the task of maintaining your home’s amount of arbor, rather than shrubbery. This is where the majority of the cost range can go, depending on the amount of trees you have in your yard space. There are approximately 1000 different tree species that you can plant in your yard.


With privilege bears responsibility, so if you wish to plant trees in your yard, keep in mind that you need to preserve the upkeep that comes along with the trees. The invoice will most likely go up to about $175 but the maximum you may have to spend will be about $750. The larger number can actually come from pruning the trees, which is the method of removing dead branches. It’s an important reminder, but the estimates mentioned above are solely for a single tree. The more trees you have, the higher the costs will be. 


Yard Debris

For a complete removal of debris that may be obstructing your yard, the service will charge about $300 to $1200 for an acre of land. Debris cleanups will typically consist of any material that is not only disposable but also somewhat recyclable, this includes tree clippings, branches, even dead bark. 


These numbers are estimated by how often the natural elements will affect the condition of your yard. It’s more so advised that you hire an additional service, depending on how severe the elements are. So if your home dealt with a hurricane or a terrible storm, you’ll most likely need to call some professionals to help assist you in trucking the debris out of your yard.


Mulch Removal

In all likelihood, the removal of mulch will cost about $0.50 to $1 per square foot. Overall, the total range of costs will be around $100 to $400. The reason why homeowners purchase mulch and install a certain amount of it is because of how mulch protects your yard from weeds and protects your plants from rooting. The drawback is that when mulch gets too thick, it begins to sprout fungi instead.


Preserving your seasonal blossoms in healthy condition should also be regarded in close consideration. When the mulch is old, your main focus will go into the mulch completely smothering your horticulture. 


You should also consider the fact that colored mulch can fade in color. This is more of a tertiary reason to get rid of your mulch. However, if what you’re concerned about is the appearance of your yard, cleaning and replacing your mulch should be what you’re planning to do. It is essential to focus on mulch removal when it comes to both foreclosures and sales. 


But most importantly, if you are a professional trying to sell a house that has undergone a foreclosure, you’re going to want to get rid of any possibility of a value decrease.  


Flower Bed

A healthy flower bed will help new perennials to thrive, this is especially the case when springtime hits your home. You’ll most likely expect to pay an average of $100 to $500. Landscapers will have the common knowledge to determine how the flowers will be planted, what is lacking, and what may protrude the growing process.


There are dozens of ways to spruce up the gardening that is being done in your home. But essentially, the results will all be placed on the dependence of what kind of flowers you want to grow. It’s quite a beautifying euphoric effect to see the enhancement. The visualistic prospect of seeing a gorgeous garden bed will attract all kinds of buyers. 

What Goes Into Estate Sale Preparation?

Selling an estate, in and of itself, is already very difficult to handle. So it isn’t a surprising notion to believe that preparation is a pivotal responsibility in the process. There are several reasons as to why you’d have an estate sale being held. With the items that you no longer need, you can, in fact, work to haul the unwanted belongings and either donate them to a non-profit, or sell them away.


When your debt is outstanding, the sale of your property is most assuredly certain to the estate sale. And in some cases, the price of the sale will actually be more than the dues you’ve owed. With that in mind, you’re going to want to keep the estate’s condition in tip-top shape. The worrisome part of estate preparation is that there is a lot that goes into the proceedings.


There are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind when going through all your unwanted possessions. Remind yourself to take out the things that you don’t wish to sell or remove. Keep them in a secure area and this way, shoppers won’t have access to any of them. This will especially be the case if you have any important documents or sensitive information.


Remind yourself that labeling is key to what needs to be sold, what needs to be donated, what needs to be hauled off for the cleanup and what needs to be kept. There’s a number of ways that your valuables will either be stolen or accidentally taken. Labelling your items will give you a slight degree of reassurance.


Being organized is an essential part of an estate sale, so you have to think like a retailer. Keeping everything in categories and labeling them into a clump will ensure the maximum potential of selling the items you want sold. Much like going to a retail store, you find your shopping goes a little quicker. Apply that logic to your estate sale preparations and you’ll find that your belongings will sell out in a much more efficient manner.


Find Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster

The most difficult part of a foreclosure sale is the sentimentality of selling the things you or your loved ones have cemented. If you’re opting not to donate, and deciding to sell your valued objects to the public, you’re going to need a lot of help lugging all those boxes out of your home. What you should be most concerned about is the professionalism with who you hire.


Imagine having your things being hauled away and some of those items either being lost or damaged. It may not have been intentional but would you trust anyone to do the job correctly? To truly feel secure with whoever you decide to hire, think about using our House Tipster Pro feature. Our selection of professionals will help you scale all of the preferences you’ve had in mind for the job. Instead of constantly worrying about all of the tasks you need to accomplish, you can easily have these concerns washed away by using our online tool.   


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