How Much Do Office Cleanings Cost?

Your office is essentially like a second home. Whether you’re seeking new clients or you’re wishing to maintain the morale of your coworkers and employees, a clean office is what represents your self-image. This is especially true if you’re essentially in charge of the hygiene in your business.

The average cost of cleaning your office will be about $150 to $220. While the lowest cost will be around $80, you can expect the highest cost to be about $1000. But this is also dependent on many varying factors that essentially makes all the difference. Like most of the subjects that are discussed in this site, what really affects your overall costs is size and frequency.



How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost

If you’re ever contemplating on the outcome of your office cleaning prices, then you should really think about the square feet of your working space. Keep in mind that these estimates won’t be the same because office spaces come in many different shapes and sizes. Accompanying this cost factor, you’ll want to measure up the square footage of your office. This way, the professional cleaning company will be able to calculate what materials will be required and how much time it will take. 


Cleaning Costs Adjust And Vary According To Office Space

Labor intensive assignments will also be calculated into this cost as well. If the professionals charge you at an hourly rate, you’ll expect to pay about $20 to $80 per hour. For smaller offices, the cleaners will most likely charge you about $0.07, but for larger office areas, the range can even go up to about $0.50 per square foot.

Even larger areas, like warehouses, or industrial buildings will probably range about $0.05 to about $0.15 per square foot. For certain cleaning companies, your office cleaning quote might vary according to the kind of business that you manage or own. For example, a medical office will cost about $40 per hour. This is actually due to the fact that the spaces might be smaller than your standard commercial office space.  


Small Or Large Office Cleaning?

An average office will be about 120 to 150 square feet. So in all likelihood, you’ll probably be getting an hourly estimate, rather than an estimate based on the square footage. But if what you’re looking for is a cleaning crew to help clean your whole office building, then that is when the per-square-footage method is applied.


Office Cleaning Cost For Additional Services

Depending on the various preferences you have towards how you wish your office to look, there are other services that you can consider. The professionals you’re looking for will probably have these tasks upon your request, but what really matters is your level of commitment in cleaning out your office. If you want the office to look generally nice with a standard look, then you can simply get a quote for a regular cleaning. But if you want it to look as spotless as possible, then consider these services with what is already offered.


Pressure Or Power Washing

Services like pressure washing will range about $0.15 to $0.78 per square foot. But for the larger commercial areas, you can expect the range to be much higher. Business owners or property managers opt in for this service because of how their streets or entryways may look. It’s somewhat likened to the icing or cherry on top.

Before anyone even steps foot into your own office, seeing a nice, clean pavement can give that slight impression to enhance that person’s experience. One of the main reasons as to why people choose to hire power washing specialists is because of the condition of the outdoors. Well-maintained pathways can really attract people to see what kind of businesses operate in an aforementioned building.    


Waste or Junk Removal

Sooner or later, the accrual of waste or trash will come around to bite you. The cost of this service will most likely range from $140 all the way to $370. In most cases, the trash heap you neglect will stink up your place of business. Eventually, your reputation may even sink if you don’t maintain some quality or caliber of hygiene. This will especially be the case for when your employees begin to severely disdain the environment around them.  


Window Cleaning

While these services are basic and simple, there are some circumstances where the job can be a little more complex than it seems. The complexity of the task at hand will ultimately come from how high up your building goes. And the commercialised basis on the matter consoles the contemplation of how many stories goes up and down.

The range of costs for an average window cleaning will be about $150 to around $1400 or more. If your building is under 1000 square feet, you can expect the lower end of that cost range, but anything above 10000, and you can expect the higher end instead. If you want a better analysis on this calculation, calculate the costs by estimating the range of $0.50 to $2.50 per square foot.

The professional company will send out specialists that will have their own safety equipment and cleaning tools to finish cleaning the outer appearance of your business. It’s an errand that should be considered dangerous and tedious, so instead of doing the job yourself, you should seriously think about hiring the professionals to get the job done. 


Cost of Servicing Bathrooms And Kitchens 

Depending on the amount of bathrooms your business consists of, the cost of cleaning will yield higher due to the consistency of sanitation that goes along with the process. Although there may be one kitchen, oftentimes, there may be a considerable amount of bathrooms that may need attending to.

Besides the sinks and toilets that need to be polished or the grime that needs to be mopped, the cleaning crew will typically sweep, mop and vacuum the areas. The labor will also be applied to the kitchen or public area, like a break room for example. So expect an additional $0.04 to $0.21 per square foot in regards to requesting these kinds of services. Make sure to find each estimate and determine what the cleaning service quotes will inevitably result in. 


Hiring Janitorial Services & The Costs

Unlike the cleaning services, the janitorial or custodial services that are available to you will range between $0.15 to $0.25 per square foot. At the hourly rate, businesses will probably expect about $30 to $40 per hour per cleaner. These are the professionals that will concentrate closely on sanitization, rather than the nitty gritty tasks.


Find Your Estimates Through House Tipster

There are certain contingencies that should be planned if you don't have the cleaning services available for your establishment. But it's the task of finding these contingencies that make the overall ranges that much more difficult. No matter how much effort you put into hiring your professionals, they should be both reputable and affordable with your price range. Any business owner knows that the feeling of having the best quality for the work can only be heightened by pertaining a nicer looking price. With House Tipster, these worries will be a thing of the past. Instead of calling agency after agency, pushing out estimate after estimate, hire your preferred specialists in one fell swoop.


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