How Much Does A Washer Dryer Hookup Cost?

The argument could be made that the washer and dryer are two of the most important things within a home. Whether you have a separate laundry room in your home or they’re freestanding in the garage, the cost of installing a new washer and dryer differs due to existing electricity and plumbing connections, the type of machines you have, and the location of the hookup within your home. 

Setting Up Laundry Space


No matter where in your home you decide to place your washer and dryer the space needs to be equipped with hookups to hot and cold water, a drain line, electricity and/or gas, and a vent. If you're working on relocating your designated laundry area, say from a second floor hallway to the basement, hookups need to be installed in the new area. If your desired space is located close to existing gas, electricity, and water lines the installation cost will likely range from $350 - $600. If the desired location is further away from the water, gas, and electricity the installation cost may be closer to $700 - $2,000 pertaining to the amount of labor that is required to get the job done efficiently. For instance, if you needed to have an electrician come in and install a new 240V circuit for your dryer it would cost an average of $500, whereas adding a standard electrical outlet for a washer costs only about $100.


Plumbing For A Washing Machine


Whether you are planning on moving your current laundry hookups or creating a new one entirely, the space will require proper plumbing. If the area was to require plumbing work you could hire a local plumber to locate a suitable drainpipe in the wall to connect the washer drain to. 


Installing Electrical Circuits


Washing machines use a standard electrical outlet to be powered where a dryer requires a 240V circuit. That being said if you are relocating your designated laundry area to a different part of the home you will need to have a 240V circuit installed as well as a 30 amp breaker. This on average costs $500, where a standard electrical outlet for a washing machine costs about $100 to be installed. We encourage you to hire a professional electrician if this is something you need to have done for your project. 


Installing Machines


Once you have equipped your laundry area with all the proper hookups that are required for the washer and dryer, installing the machines is an easy, clear-cut project. It is common for most appliance retailers to include basic installation with the price of the machines; though some may charge a fee ranging from $50 to $100. If you were to hire a handyman instead they would likely charge $25-$150, depending on how much labor is involved. 


Additional Costs


All plumbing and electrical work must be up to local building codes, so if you require a new hookup to be installed, it may require a building permit. Building permits costs can range from $25 to $150 sometimes more depending on the location of the laundry area and the extent of the remodeling being completed. 


Pricing Chart


Required Labor


Installation w/ Close Hookups

$350 - $600

Installation w/ Far Hookups

$700 - $2,000

Installation of 240V Circuit and 30 Amp Breaker


Installation of Standard Electrical Outlet


Installation of Machines through Retailer

$50 - $100

Installation of Machines through Handyman

$25 - $150

Building Permit

$25 to $150


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