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Bathroom Windows that Bring Light and Seclusion

A bathroom is a place where you go when you want the utmost privacy, but that doesn’t mean you want to be toiling around in the dark. Stunning modern bathrooms often feature breathtakingly massive windows that don’t really seem to put a premium on a homeowner’s privacy. However, it doesn’t have to be this way – there are bathroom windows that bring light and seclusion.


The truth is, you can have the best of both worlds with a little extra thought, planning, and careful consideration. Check out some of these brilliant architectural design schemes that bring light, views, and, most importantly, privacy.


Frost the Windows

A quick and easy way to bring some privacy to any bathroom is to frost the windows. This inexpensive design, which is sometimes referred to as filming the windows, comes in a wide range of varieties and patterns. The film is easily applied to the existing window, and it resembled sand blasted glass. This is a very useful option, as tons of natural light passes though without outsiders being able to see inside.


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Rolling Blinds

Rolling blinds are a great choice for homeowners with beautiful windows they don’t want obstructed. This way, the blinds are tucked up against the ceiling in a non-invasive way, and they only come down and provide you with privacy when you most need them to. Once they’ve done their job, simply hide them away again.


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Drape Some Curtains

Usually curtains aren’t meant for the bathroom, but if done tastefully, a curtain can be a quick and effective solution to your bathroom privacy problems. Be sure to select curtains that stand up well to moisture, preferably a lighter fabric.


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Opt for Louvre Blinds

Louvre blinds are a quick and stylish solution to bathroom privacy problems, and better yet, they go well in virtually any bathroom. The light can easily be adjusted with a simple motion, and even when they’re wide open they still provide a decent amount of cover. Swivel them completely close for optimum privacy.


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Pick a Sheer Fabric

Sheer fabric will let in light while also obstructing the view of anyone on the outside – the perfect balance. It does this by properly filtering the sunlight through tis nearly transparent fabric, allowing for the right amount of romantic seclusion.


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Try Textured Glass

Textured glass works great in both traditional and more modern bathrooms, as the look is quite timeless. Textured glass can be a combination of many different things, with some of the most popular being dimpled glass bricks bracketed by wood. The glazing helps create the privacy, while not totally blocking out all that wanted natural light.


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Traditional Shutters

Shutters are similar to Louvre blinds, but they are a bit more substantial. They operate in much the same way, and they can be adjusted to let in the exact amount of light you want in the bathroom at any given time. Unlike blinds, traditional shutters can be opened all the way if the homeowner desires.  


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Place the Windows High or Low

Placing the windows high enough from the ground will ensure a level of privacy automatically, as anyone just walking by will not be able to see right inside. Someone will really have to work to be able to peep inside, and even better, the high window placement will not affect the amount of natural light you get.


Similarly, windows placed real low in the bathroom can have the same impact – just invert it. It’s unlikely somebody is going to be crawling around your yard, so this way you can get a nice degree of privacy while also taking advantage of the pleasures of the sun.


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Go with a Skylight

A skylight is a hallmark sign of luxury, and one of the best places for one is in the bathroom – it will instantly increase privacy! The only thing you’ll have to worry about it passing planes, as no human being will be able to see what’s going on inside the bathroom from the outside. Skylights are a perfect addition to any elegant bathroom, and they’re the perfect combination of privacy and style.


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There are a ton of different bathroom windows that bring light and seclusion, and now the only problem is deciding which option is right for you. There are solutions for virtually every budget, from the stylish and elegant, to the simple and practical.

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