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Color of the Month: Kelly Green

This gorgeous green hue that originated in Ireland (Kelly is a common Irish surname) is the color of the month. Kelly green color is not to be confused with Emerald green (named after the dark gemstone), as Kelly green leans a touch more towards yellow than Emerald without losing any richness from the green – which is why it’s so often characterized as having a spring vibe.


Think of Kelly green as replicating the lush green of the Irish landscape. Kelly green is often associated with the environment and renewal, and adding a splash of it to any home or space can liven up the place immediately.


Photo by iLight photo on Shutterstock

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So, how should you use Kelly green during your next project? Is it too bold? On the contrary, Kelly green is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to all sorts of interior design projects, and it's widely considered to influence a rooms mood. Particularly because it doesn’t align itself too strongly with either blue or yellow on the color wheel, it can be one of the easier green hues to accessorize with, despite its intimidating vividness. The color of June has lots of potential, and experts agree that pairing it with other colors closely associated on the color wheel can make any room pop.


Photo by ykvision on Adobe Stock


Take this Kelly green color wall for example: see how it really contrasts with the black box? While choosing to paint your entire wall Kelly green may be seen as a bold move, there is a reason every major paint supplier has this paint in stock for just this purpose: it looks stunning! It is a big commitment if used over a large space or an entire room, which is why it’s often used best as an accent wall in lesser used spaces like dens and hallways.


Used like this it will have that striking visual most Kelly green lovers are after, while still reserving areas that are considered more neutral spaces to be painted over with a less vivid color. In addition, a Kelly green covered wall is a great place to hang a piece of art, as this lovely hue will make a grand statement without coming across as too much, or worse yet, tacky


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Instead of opting for a boring beige or brown colored chair for your living room, why not spice things up with a beautiful Kelly green chair, after all, it is color of June for a reason. Kick back with a beverage or read your favorite novel while being both cozy and stylish – there is no reason in the world you can’t be both at once!


Kelly green works wonderfully in open spaces like this, and matching it with more neutral colors will really allow you to take chances with your interior decorating. It’s a classic look that is sure to pair great in any home. Accessories and small pieces are the safest bets when looking to take stylistic chances, and you should never be afraid to get courageous with accents.


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A Kelly green sofa is great for dividing a room (especially in tight or crowded apartments), and it can even help give the illusion that the room has more space. It draws the eye, helping separate one side from the other. City living sure isn’t cheap, so why not make the most out of the space you already have?


A couch this appealing – assuming you choose a plush and comfy sofa – will really have apartment and homeowners alike counting the minutes till they can get home and plop themselves down on it. Kelly green, because it’s often associated with nature, should have you feeling calmer, and, after a quick nap, reinvigorated. Kelly green is becoming more and more mainstream in terms of home décor, and a simple sofa may be one of the best places to start.


Photo by alexandre zveiger on Shutterstock

Using Kelly green in the kitchen can be done with great success, as long as you use it with complimentary, or, more neutral colors. Many might be scared to you use this bold a color in their kitchen, but if done well, it can look beautiful and benefit one of your homes most used rooms. Imagine eating eggs and drinking coffee with a kitchen island this stylish? You and your loved ones will be up with the sun and excited to start the day in a kitchen that looks this good.


The color of June, Kelly green, really works well in the summer because that’s when most people will be having friends over for cookouts and cocktails, and, with this sharp looking island, you’ll be begging to have them over so you can show it off. A sleek and truly modern home is never really complete without a game changing granite or marble island. Take advantage of this iconic set piece with the lush hues of Kelly green.


Photo by Africa Studio on Shutterstock

Calming Kelly green works great in the bedroom. Is there any place you want to feel more soothed (possibly the bathroom) than while winding down in the bedroom, as you hope and wish for a great night sleep? Better yet, match it with a Kelly green night light so you can read a book before finally, at last, tucking in.


A Kelly green nightstand works marvelously with most colors you’d find in the typical bedroom, especially when you consider most folks tend to paint them in neutral colors to avoid overstimulation. A little pop of color on your nightstand could be just what your bedroom is missing. One of the best ways to use it is to employ it in small ways, and that’s exactly what this Kelly green night stand accomplishes.


Photo by prapass on Shutterstock

If you’ve got a green thumb and are looking to spruce up your home garden or deck area, a Kelly green garden bench might be just the ticket. A great bench can help make any garden area better, and you’re definitely going to need a place to rest while planting all those flowers.


Photo by Archi_Viz on Shutterstock

Not everyone has the luxury of having an island in their kitchen, however, most can still afford to make a big stylistic splash – try painting the cupboards and cabinets Kelly green! It’s a more cost effective way of incorporating one of your favorite colors into your kitchen.


Green has many shades and is an extremely comforting color, and now you know a bit more about one of its most versatile hues: Kelly green.


Photo by Michael J P on Shutterstock

Finally, don’t be afraid to be bold and take chances when experimenting with Kelly green color – even if you aren’t the least bit Irish. And, if something doesn’t quite work or suit your tastes, it’s as simple as changing it and using this rich and vivid color in another creative way. There are countless fun and inventive ways to use Kelly green, but these ideas are an exciting place to start. Still interested about the impact of color in your interior designing, be sure to check here for similar ideas.


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