Budget Patio Ideas: Outdoor Decorating Dos and DIYs

If you’re anything like me, you want a nice backyard complete with a picturesque patio and a garden that weeds itself. While I can only help you out so much with weed control ideas, I can share some great backyard décor ideas, especially for those of you wondering, "What are cheap patio decorating ideas?" With some inspiration and a little mix of DIY and repurposing of old materials, it’s not too hard to turn your patio into an utterly charming space.


Here with that inspiration are some of my favorite outdoor decorating dos and DIYs. Feel free to go as crazy as you want, but be careful if you're going to experiment with something like this. But, if you’re looking to stick to a budget, some of these ideas may be just what you’ve been looking for. So, without further ado, read on for 6 easy patio ideas on a budget.


1. Keep Seating Simple

While you may be tempted to blow your whole budget on a 12-piece sectional that’ll sit your entire extended family and maybe a neighbor or two, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to furniture. Be smart with space and only buy what you’ll really use. For smaller patios, this may mean sticking to a cute bistro table or a pair of Adirondacks. To keep the area from looking too sparse, you can fill it in with accessories like an inexpensive rug, ottoman, serving trays, and potted plants. Now that’s an attractive space you’ll actually use.


2. Don’t Forget Your Centerpieces

Centerpieces aren’t just for indoors, and a small centerpiece goes a long way towards dressing up your patio table or bistro table. A small succulent, potted plant, flower arrangement, or a basket filled with fruit are all easy and attractive options that’ll enhance your patio game with very little effort.


3. One Word: Baskets

My first go-tos for nearly any kind of decorating, indoor or out, are baskets. While they’re pretty darn expensive if you’re buying them retail, they should be easy-to-find items at your local thrift store. For just a couple of bucks, you can put together an attractive basket arrangement that can function as-is or serve as the back-drop to flower arrangements, small potted plants, or Welcome Spring signs.


4. Crates for Days

Another backyard patio idea on a budget is to stack crates together to add some height and create some display shelving. Unfinished crates are generally the cheapest to buy, and you can decide whether to leave them or stain them to match the rest of your outdoor décor. For a homey country look, fill them up with an assortment of flowers (real or silk), mason jars, and, that’s right, baskets.


5. Display Your Garden Tools

Save space in your shed and take advantage of the charming farmhouse feel the right garden tools can bring to your patio. Fill a pot or basket with small tools like your spade and cultivator, and feel free to lean your larger tools (rake, shovel) against the wall so that they double as country décor. Bonus: you’ll never find yourself wondering where the heck you put your hand trowel.


6. More DIY Décor

With the right DIY patio decorating ideas, it’s pretty easy to slap together some attractive backyard accessories in just a couple of hours. Decorative pieces that re-use old materials you already have on hand are my favorite because you’ll be amazed at how great an old bucket or bottle can look with just a little sprucing up. Here are some ideas to get you started doing some DIY of your own:


  • Decorative Sunhat

This piece was super easy and cheap to make with just a plain straw hat, ribbon, and a couple of silk flowers. Use it as part of an outdoor centerpiece or hang it up for some pretty wall décor.


  • Ice Bucket Floral Arrangement

This piece was inspired by an old ice bucket I had on hand but never really used. Rather than get rid of it, I turned it into an easy floral arrangement to have on my patio table. An empty champagne bottle or two completes the look.


  • Flower Pots Galore

Another common thrift store item is the humble terra cotta flower pot. I snagged a couple last time I was out, along with some pretty purple ones I saw as well. I transplanted some succulents into one and filled another with some leftover potpourri mix I had. Altogether, it was enough to decorate one of the crates I’d put out. Go ahead and experiment with what’s lying around your house. You may be surprised by the patio and garden decorations from junk you can make.

What do you think? Can you use some of the old items lying around your house to help decorate your patio on a budget? Let us know how it goes!

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