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How to Make Your Window a Focal Point with This Modern Design

If you’re lucky enough to have a room with big windows that bring in a lot of natural light, you’ll want to make the most of the sun’s rays by creating a warm, inviting space. Often times, windows are neglected because home owners feel as though they shouldn’t put any furniture around them, but I’m here to dispel that myth. It’s possible to decorate the surrounding wall and window frame or create a comfortable seating area without hiding the window or blocking the natural light source. In fact, the sunlight can illuminate your space to use the window as a focal point and create a cozy space for you and your guests.

Here are five window design ideas that can be combined to create a beautiful sitting area while creating a window-centric focal point.

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1. Frame the Window with Sheer Curtains

In order to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to shine through, it’s best to choose sheer curtains. Solid curtains are made to block sunlight and provide a heavier look, while sheer curtains will provide a moderate amount of shade when fully closed, and create a light, airy look. When it comes to curtain ideas for a living room, neutral colors are always a safe bet as they frame the window and draw attention to the architectural lines without drawing attention to the curtains themselves.

A clean pattern that isn’t too busy can add a touch of visual interest, and as seen here, the gray tree branches against the white curtains is an eye-catching contrast. Also, a subtle metallic curtain rod like this one adds a little extra shine but doesn’t take away from the white window trim. It perfectly complements the white and gray curtains and the white window design, while allowing room for darker colors elsewhere.


2. Create a Seating Area to Lay a Foundation at the Base of the Window

Implementing a couch can create a stage or platform so to speak on which to display your window. This dark gray couch creates a beautiful stark contrast to the white in the windows and the curtains, while complementing the light gray design in the curtains and the area rug.

Not only does the couch play a supporting role in highlighting the window, but it also creates an extremely inviting seating area with the large, plush throw pillows. The pillows are light-colored and plush and add brightness to the dark couch while complementing the room’s color scheme.


3. Implement Wall Décor on Either Side of the Curtains

Placing a few simple pieces on either side of the window will add further visual interest to contrast the solid colors in the couch and the throw pillows. Here are a few tips on how to decorate around a window:

Make sure to find wall décor that provides a one-of-a-kind look. While a tasteful painting can be placed on another wall in the room, the wall space on the sides of the window are a great space to hang something more unique. For example, this mirror set adds another touch of metallic (in addition to the curtain rod) and provides a unique pattern with the varying shapes and staggered placement.

A wall hanging on the other side creates some dimension with the wooden frame and dark print. Not only does it provide an inspirational quote, but it also has a unique, geometrical look with the picture being hung from a rope to add a triangular shape on top of the square frame. Adding these personal touches helps to make the window seating area even more inviting and gives it a polished look.

In addition, if there’s room for an end table on each side of the couch, they provide a place for a small table lamp or beautiful bouquet of flowers, as well a place for people to set their drinks during a family gathering or dinner party. These particular end tables have drawers, which also provide a place to store remote controls for a fan, TV, or a fireplace, as well as coasters and other sitting room essentials.

(If you’re unsure what type of tables to choose, here are some great tips on how to choose an end table style that suits your needs.)


4. Place an Area Rug in Front of the Couch

When guests walk into the room, an area rug will provide a clear-cut path to the window area. Be sure to choose a rug that complements the neutral colors of the room’s palette so that it helps to shift the eyes upward toward the window area, making the window the focal point. It’s kind of like rolling out the red carpet for the main event (or in this case, rolling out the area rug for the amazing window view)!

When creating a design plan that balances colors, patterns, and shapes, you can easily make windows the focal point of a room while creating a functional area that accommodates you and your guests. Now all you need is a cup of coffee and a good book to break in the space (while receiving a healthy dose of Vitamin D as an added bonus for all of your hard work).


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