Fun Ways to Use Picture Ledges in a Kid’s Room

Picture ledges can be used for more than just pictures. Try these kid-friendly ideas.

By Erica Young


A picture ledge is a narrow shelf with a lip that’s used for displaying frames. But there are actually endless amounts of ways you can use picture ledges in your décor, and one of our favorite rooms to hang them is in a kid’s room. The narrow size makes it perfect for small objects and toys, and they’re easy to hang at a low height for little hands to reach. Here are our five favorite ways to use picture ledges in a kid’s room.




1. Artwork & Photos

The traditional way to use picture ledges is of course for pictures. In a child’s room try framing playful and colorful artwork or family photos. Don’t be afraid to mix the frame finishes, it creates an eclectic style in the room. Add a few small accessories to break up the arrangement.




2. Books

Displaying books is one of the most popular ways to use pictures shelves in a kid’s room. The narrow width of the shelves allows for books to lean up against the wall in layers. This method makes it easy for your child to see the covers of all her favorite stories. It also makes clean up time easy, because kids can put the books back on the shelves without help.




3. Displaying collections

Kids tend to collect things, and often they are small in size. PEZ dispensers, tiny Shopkins toys, troll dolls, colorful rocks they find in the garden… Chances are your child has an assortment of little objects cluttering up their bedroom. Displayed in a group those collections can be beautiful. Try displaying them on a picture ledge or two. Your child will love seeing her things grouped together and out in the open, and you’ll love that they aren’t all over the floor.




4. Art Supplies

The picture ledge is a great spot for kids’ art supplies. Pens, paper, paints, and miscellaneous craft supplies can all fit nicely on the shelves and can be organized in different containers. Arranging the supplies out on shelves instead of stuffed into a box helps your child to see exactly what she has to work with and encourages her creativity.




5. Stuffed Animals

One thing all kids have in common is that they love stuffed animals and they own approximately 1 million of them, give or take. Guaranteed in your kid’s room there are boxes, baskets, and a closet or two stuffed with plush toys big and small. A picture ledge is a great way the corral the smaller animals. They look cute up on the shelves and it allows you to control how many animals your child can keep. When the shelves are full, no more animals! Or if they bring a new one home, you can suggest that they donate one of their older animals in order to fit the new one on the shelf.




Think beyond pictures when it comes to picture shelves in your child’s bedroom. A kid’s room should be a whimsical space where your child can touch and play with everything in the room. It’s not a spot to display precious and breakable heirlooms on a shelf. Instead, use your shelves to display things your child uses and loves.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Erica Young

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