The Best Houseplants for Perennial Plant-Killers

A lot of people who aren’t blessed with a green thumb avoid having houseplants because they’re afraid of killing them. Although all plants can be killed through neglect, there are several you can have inside your home that are likely to survive even if you let your gardening duties slide. 


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Jade Plant

This eye-catching plant is a great addition to your non-green-thumb collection. During the winter, it blooms pink flowers and it has wildly unique leaves. It’s hard to kill and easy to care for! It only needs a little sunlight to live and doesn’t need a lot of watering either. 


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People seem to think that orchids are hard to grow and care for, but that’s just not the truth! These plants are durable, require minimal watering (every 7-10 days), can sit in indirect bright light and don’t really need much attention. Keep them away from drafts, breezy windows, and heating ducts. Other than that, these colorful and plentiful flowers are great to have in your home, and may stay for as long as four to five months.


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Peace Lily

The peace lily is unique in its appeal that it gives those without a green thumb a clue as to when it needs water before it is really about to kick the bucket. When the leaves begin to wilt, you will know you’re almost past the point of no return and the peace lily is screaming for water before it dies. As long as you water it at this point, the peace lily should return to its beautiful state rather than becoming another victim of your lacking gardening skills. This plant doesn’t require much in the way of light either. The beautiful leaves bloom and the result is a tall white flower.


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Air Plant

The air plant, looking very much like a spider plant, doesn’t require much. They don’t need soil at all or much water to thrive. They can be placed wherever you want to put them — propped on the top of cabinets, displayed on a shelf, hung in midair from a basket, or placed in a beautiful vase in your home’s dining room. This plant can be neglected for a while and keep on kicking. Approximately every ten days, just take the plant from where it is and set it in water for a couple for hours. Then put it back and go on with life.


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African Violet

If you want some color in your home with a plant that doesn’t require a lot of work, then consider the African violet. They don’t require any direct sunlight or frequent watering. The plant can completely dry out and still thrive until it gets water again. These colorful and plentiful flowers are great to have in your home because they can stay alive indoors for up to 5 months.


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Snake Plant

The snake plant, also called mother in law’s tongue and Sansevieria, is a plant that can thrive with minimal light and water and live through a world of neglect. In fact, people who travel often can find success with this plant. It is available in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes. 


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If you are a nature lover and want to fill your house with plants, but you aren’t necessarily known for your green thumb, then my tip is to choose three or more varieties of these hard-to-kill plants. They will have a good chance of surviving your forgetfulness to water them and give them fertilizer. These are the types of plants you can keep around for the long haul without worrying too much about killing them.


One final tip: Set your plant inside a gravel-filled saucer or pot pan so they drain off the extra water and don’t sit in it. That can cause root rot.

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