How to Store Winter Clothes Efficiently

Follow these tips to properly store your clothes for winter, so they will still be in good condition when the weather starts turning cool again.

By Jamie Goodwin


If I didn’t rely on these tips for storing winter clothes, my closet would be bursting at the seams. I would never be able to find what I needed during the warmer seasons of the year. But, did you know that there’s an art to storing your winter clothes? During your spring cleaning, follow these clothing storage tips to keep your clothes in great condition year after year.


Wash Your Clothes

After completing your closet organization project and determining which items should be put away, go ahead and make sure everything is clean. Remove all oils, perfumes, and remnants of deodorant on your clothing. These things could cause discoloration, and the smells could permeate the clothing. Put your clothes through the wash or have them dry-cleaned before preparing them for storage.




For winter shoes, sprinkle baking soda into them to soak up moisture and absorb odors. Then stuff the shoes with white paper so they keep their shape.




Choose a Storage Location

What location will you use for your winter clothing storage? Look for a cool, dark place in your home. Avoid direct sunlight and stuffy air. While following our bedroom cleaning tips, you may find the perfect place under your bed or in your closet. A basement or garage is also an excellent storage location. Choose the best one for your clothes.




Purchase Quality Storage Containers

The best storage container for winter clothes is a suitcase. If you have an extra suitcase you won’t need to use in the next few months, go ahead and put your items in there. If not, purchase a storage container that will keep light away from your clothes. This means you should not use clear containers.




Although plastic containers are OK for clothes organization, don’t use plastic bags as closet organizers. These bags will retain moisture and could damage the clothing. If you want to use a bag for clothing, look for special garment bags made of muslin or cotton instead.




Prepare Your Clothes

You might think it’s wise to store your clothes on hangers. Although this is OK for garments made of real fur, hangers can stretch out your sweaters and coats. Consider folding these items and putting white tissue paper between the clothing instead.




Keep Bugs Away

One thing that people worry about with sweaters, especially those made of cashmere, is insects. Bugs, like moths, love to make a meal out of these sweaters. To keep bugs at bay, some people add mothballs to their clothing storage. If you choose to do this, be careful. Mothballs are highly dangerous to children and pets.




If you’re worried about using mothballs, consider using lavender instead. Place dried lavender or cotton balls with lavender essential oil on them inside of the storage containers. You could also use cedar boxes to hold your winter storage since the strong odor tends to repel moths.




After following these five winter clothing storage tips, your comfy clothes are ready for storage. It’s a good idea to check on your storage throughout the spring and summer, but your clothing should stay in great condition when the weather starts cooling off again.


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