Designing the Perfect Bedroom for Your Daughter

Whether your daughter loves princesses, or aspires to be the president, you can help create the room of her dreams with this bedroom style guide.

By Tina Jepson


Are you struggling to design the perfect space for your beloved daughter? If so, follow these bedroom design tips to bring it all together.


If you have a daughter or are expecting a daughter in the near future, then you know there are so many conflicting ideas about how to prepare a young girl’s bedroom these days.


Most days, my daughter loves unicorns and all things pink and princess. But sometimes, she pretends to be a dinosaur and her favorite colors are blue and brown. Girls today have unlimited options when it comes to what they can like, how they should dress, and who they aspire to be when they grow up.


Long gone are the days when girls were expected to stay in love with the idea of a pink dream house. Today, when it comes to designing a little girl’s bedroom, anything goes as long as it matches your daughter’s unique personality.




Ask Her Input & Pick a Theme

Anyone with a daughter will tell you that most young girls know exactly what they like and want in a bedroom, so it’s best to start here. You don’t want an upset her by assuming what she likes.


If you’re on a budget, chances are it’s impossible to fulfill every wish she has, within reason. Therefore, let your daughter know that you’re interested in getting her take for the room. This will give her some creative freedom, while also allowing ample leeway when it comes to those final, and generally expensive, decorative touches.


Some girls won’t know where to start, so suggest some themes they may like depending on current interests, such as a jungle room, castle, the sky, Broadway, Paris, etc. Even better, do some quick online searches to help her pinpoint the exact vibe she’s looking for in her bedroom.




Focus on One Color

Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s best to focus on one paint color and work from there. Head over to your local home improvement store and you’re bound to find an entire paint row dedicated to popular paints for children’s bedrooms.


Because kids have a tendency to draw on, spill, nick, and otherwise rough up their spaces, select a highly-scrubbable semi-gloss or satin paint such as Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra. As a bonus, this paint also features zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means less harmful particles and odors floating around your daughter’s room.


Then use the handy color wheel to find complementary or analogous hues to match. Even if the paint color she chooses isn’t your favorite, keep in mind that you can add subtle, more neutral touches to help tamper down the boldness.




Find the Perfect Details

To finalize your daughter’s perfect bedroom, focus on the details. Again, you can have a big production of a DIY approach. Either way, your child is bound to love her new personalized space.





Begin with the furniture. Depending on the theme, sand and paint the bed, chests, and end tables to flow with the environment. Keep in mind that while the process of refinishing furniture takes some effort, it’s highly cost-effective compared to buying an entirely new furniture set.




Sleeping Oasis

Across the bottom of the bed or along the canopy, add sheets of tulle, ribbon, or other fabric to help create a whimsical sleeping area. Or create a fabric headboard using a unique fabric pattern that draws in the room’s theme and color scheme.


Wall Decor

Then, focus on the wall decor. Use a stencil or freely paint a mural directly on the wall. If an artistic ability isn’t one of your strong suits, simply stick up some good quality wall decals. The best thing about these decals is they can easily be removed and replaced as your daughter gets older and her tastes shift.




As adults, we focus so much attention on our master bedrooms and bathrooms, but our daughters also deserve a small space all to themselves. Whether your daughter aspires to be a princess or the president of the United States one day, you can help create the room of her dreams by listening, adding a fresh coat of paint, and paying close attention to personalizing her space.


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