How to Find the Best Local Painter and Decorator

A fresh coat of paint can revitalize your home's decor. Here's how to find cheap local quotes for painting jobs in your local area.

By Gidget Yappy


Finding a good local painter and decorator is essential to the success of any home design project. However, comparing painting contractors can be a time-consuming process. Here are five tips that can make the process of gathering painting quotes a little easier.


1. Search Online

Many people turn to Google or Bing when they need to find painters in their local area. However, large national companies tend to dominate these search engines. If you choose this approach, be sure to use keywords that narrow your search, such as:


  • painting contractors in [city]
  • decorators in [city]
  • exterior painters in [city]




Another way to take the hassle out of searching is to use a local directory website. These sites keep lists of local businesses in various categories, including painters and decorators.


2. Read Reviews

Reviews from previous customers can help you learn about the quality of a painter’s work, as well as learn about how easy the contractor is to work with. Read reviews to find out whether contractors arrive on time and complete jobs according to your schedule.




3. Browse Decorator Blogs

Before you commit to hiring a particular painter, look at previous examples of their work. Decorator blogs usually include pictures of previous projects, so you can see whether a professional’s experience aligns with your design ideas.




4. Choose Someone Easy to Contact

Communication must be a priority when hiring someone to redecorate your home. Ensure you can communicate easily with your painter or decorator by choosing a professional who you can talk to via email or an app. For the ultimate convenience, look for a decorator who allows you to book an appointment online.




5. Compare More Than Just Prices

Painter prices can vary widely. When searching for painting quotes online, it can be tempting to simply choose the cheapest option. However, a cheap price sometimes means a cheap result. Rather than selecting the cheapest painter, choose one with years of experience, a good reputation, and a commitment to offering good customer service.




I've had success finding fair painting quotes using these tips in the past, but perhaps you know some other ones. Please share them in the comments below if you do! 


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