Fun Preschool Desk Ideas Your Students Will Love

If you want your child to develop his or her creativity and intellect as fully as possible (and what parent doesn’t) you also want your child to have the optimal surroundings for doing so. Because so much learning is done at a desk, a smart parent of a growing toddler will at some point ask, “What are the best preschool desks?”


Preschool desks can vary from pint-size adult-style desks to small, simple tables. However, within these basic parameters, the styling of little kids’ desks can vary quite a bit. Here are seven fun preschool desk ideas to help you nudge your little one onto a playful road to success.



The most extensive and adult-like of children’s desks is a desk reminiscent of a hutched desk, which has cubbyholes in a structure extending upward from the working surface of the desk. Although buying a desk like this for a toddler wouldn’t be cost-effective if it was sized to fit the toddler because your child would outgrow it too quickly, you can turn a child’s hutched desk into a preschool desk if you pair it with a raised seat. Hutched desks are a great way to give your small children the experience of organizing their space. They’ll enjoy tucking their treasures into the desk’s cubbyholes.




Some of the best children’s furniture doesn’t come from a store; it comes from your DIY creativity. You can use this creativity to design a preschool desk that’s just the right size and height for your toddler. Simply combine crates with a flat slab to create a desk that also includes storage. You can choose the height of the desk depending on whether you place the crates horizontally or vertically.




Desks for toddlers should above all be fun. A child’s room that feels like a playground will lead to effortless and eager learning. Even if you choose a preschool desk in a simple table design, you can up-level it to delight your kids if you either get one in bright colors or paint it yourself in eye-catching hues. Combine it with equally colorful shelves for learning supplies and tools, and you’re sure to inspire learning and self-expression.




Put a child on a chair at a desk, and you’re probably going to get a squirming child in no time. Put the same child on a cushion on the floor, and you’re more than likely going to have a happy child who will get lost in whatever he or she is doing. Because of this, one smart preschool desk choice is a desk that is designed to be used with a floor pillow. You can put a desk like this in a nursery and use it as a storage shelf until your baby grows into a toddler ready to sit and color or read.




Some of the best children’s rooms have creative themes. So why not extend that theme to your preschool desks? A preschool-aged child isn’t ready to buckle down and learn. He or she is, however, ready to play. So create a space that’s optimized for play. Simply incorporate a small table within a themed area. You could, for instance, blend a desk space into a pirate ship. Or you could make a desk look like a stage for a dancer or a magician. You could also merge a little table in with small tents or teepees for some inside “outside” adventurous learning fun.




Surely you remember feeling like you wanted to hide from the world when you were little? What child doesn’t like building blanket forts or pillow bunkers? Keeping this desire for a little seclusion in mind, consider putting a small desk or table inside a curtained or canopied area to give your little one a sense of cozy separation from scary monsters or snarky siblings. Any basic toddler-sized desk surface will work for this type of preschool desk. What’s important here is the “special place” feel of what surrounds the desk.




If you’re not sure whether your child needs a desk/table or a white board for optimal execution of his or her brilliant ideas, combine the two into a preschool desk area. This type of educational area will give your child one encouraging space to read, color, draw, or simply play make-believe with invisible friends. Blend this idea with the color suggestion, and you’ll have not just a preschool desk but a preschool genius zone that will nurture your child’s desire to soak in and try out new ideas.



Are you getting a sense of how you can do much more than just plunk your child down in front of a little table or small desk? Hopefully, the above ideas have jumpstarted your imagination to help you pick just the right preschool desk setup for your child’s personality.


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