Efficient Garage Storage Ideas for Your Modern Home

Your garage can be the perfect place to store more than just your tools. Here’s how.

By Kelly O’Roark


In this day and age, ample storage space is making its way toward the top of the ‘must-have’ list when potential home owners are looking for a place to live. When most people think of garages, the storage potential is usually limited to tools, a lawn mower, and of course, cars. While the garage is an optimal space for all of those things, it can also be utilized for additional outdoor items, as well as supplies that are needed for the kitchen and laundry room. If you’re looking for garage organization and storage ideas, then look no further.




Here’s how to make the most out of the space in your garage:


1. Set Up an Organizing Station for Tools, Cleaners, Towels, and Other Accessories

When it comes to garage storage solutions, the first order of business is to implement a garage storage system with a work area in order to store and organize your tools, brushes, measuring tapes, lawn care products, and cleaners. You can purchase a cabinet storage system at your local home improvement store, or you can have customized built-in cabinets professionally installed like this one.




The sink and counter space are perfect for working on projects and laying out items for washing the car, getting rid of weeds, and repairing small outdoor items. In addition to the multiple shelves and drawers, the top of the storage system can also be utilized to house larger items such as compact lawn chairs, umbrellas, and pieces of lumber or piping.




The cabinets and drawers can be used to store and organize smaller items, such as cleaners, weed killer, and paint. If you have pets or little ones in your home, garage storage cabinets are an ideal place to store these items, as they’re not directly inside of your home (such as the kitchen or laundry room) and they’re out of sight.


2. Designate a Place for Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, and Sports Equipment Along the Wall

The back of the garage (along the wall next to the storage cabinets) is a great place to store large lawn and outdoor-related machines, such as grass seed spreaders, snow blowers, lawn mowers, and shop vacuums. Other items such as saw horses, golf clubs, soccer goals, and garden hoses can also be placed here so that they’re visible, but out of the way to leave plenty of room for the cars.




3. Create a Space for a Deep Freezer and/or Refrigerator

Now that we’ve covered the ways to store ‘typical’ garage type items, it’s time to explore some outside-of-the-box storage ideas for a garage! If you’re married with kids, you can attest to the fact there is never enough room in the refrigerator and freezer for your weekly grocery store purchases and freezer meals. If space is tight in the kitchen, the garage is a good place to implement a second refrigerator and a small deep freezer.




In addition to providing a solution for the aforementioned problems, it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes when the holidays roll around. If you’re doing a lot of meal preparation for Thanksgiving in advance, the extra refrigerator space is a life saver (and it also comes to the rescue again when you have to store leftovers). Utilizing the corner of the garage for these extra appliances is one of the best ways to maximize the space!


4. Install a Shelf for Outdoor Shoes, Work Boots, and Coats

Whenever you come in from shoveling snow or working in the yard, you don’t want go traipsing through the house with wet or muddy shoes, which is why a designated outdoor shoe shelf is an absolute must. It not only keeps dirt from getting tracked through the house, but also keeps shoes off of the garage floor or entryway, which eliminates a major tripping hazard.




If you use specific jackets or coats for outside work during the colder months, you could even add hooks to hang up your outerwear, which is another great way to keep the natural elements outside of your clean home.


5. Implement an Alcove for Garbage Cans

If you happen to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to build a new garage or remodel an old one, be sure to build an alcove for your garbage cans and recycling bins. Garbage cans are often stuck in front of the cars or next to them, leaving no room on the passenger side of the car. Building a small space that extends beyond the perimeter of the garage and is close to the garage door is a great way to easily get the garbage cans in and out for garbage day.




In addition, you can add an extra foot of space along the wall next to the alcove so that you can place slimmer items (such as shovels or hockey sticks) along the wall. Hooray for utilizing every square inch of the garage!


When it comes to garage storage, there are multiple ways to maximize the space. With a little imagination and organizational inspiration, you can make more room inside of your home while simultaneously bringing the once glossed-over garage onto the "best storage area" list.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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