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Commercial Restroom Fixture Ideas For Your Home or Rental Property

To say I’m a tad obsessed with my current bathroom remodel is an understatement. But that’s because I’m not just focusing on finding the most modern, beautiful fixtures, toilets, and hardware out there. Nope! I’m actually looking to balance cost, aesthetics, and use to choose the best restroom fixtures for a bathroom that will occasionally be used by guests and short-term renters.


In the process of searching for bathroom fixtures for high-use areas, I came across some commercial bathroom fixtures. I quickly discovered that some of the products and product features available on the market would work in the restrooms of my residential and rental properties.


Which restroom fixtures designed for commercial use work in a residential setting? Here are four areas of inspiration to consider for your next restroom remodel.



All commercial products are manufactured with use in mind. Sure, a traditional residential sink will do the trick in most (if not all) residential and even rental settings, but a commercial sink is more likely to withstand the pressure of constant use and possibly even a bit of abuse. Let’s face it, your guests and especially renters aren’t going to care for your bathroom fixtures like do.


After a bit of searching, I stumbled on a commercial restroom trough sink that gave me some inspiration. Ideally, I would like to add a double sink vanity to my bathroom, yet I simply don’t have the space. Luckily, trough sinks are more shallow and longer than the average bathroom sink, so it’s possible to fit two faucets in a relatively small space — right on the same sink! 


If a trough sink isn’t your forte, keep in mind that most commercial sinks available for purchase resemble those you’d find in any residence, but are much more durable.


Photo by dourleak on Shutterstock


You probably haven’t given much thought to commercial bathroom toilets, but they’re actually a plumbing marvel. It’s absolutely amazing how effective and efficient they are, even during the busiest of bathroom times like a concert intermission or the 7th inning stretch during a baseball game. This power is due to “Flushometer” technology, which creates enough pressure to clean the toilet without the standard toilet tank.


Photo by SutidaS on Shutterstock

While you may want the amazing features of a commercial bathroom toilet in your home or rental property, including a quick flush and strong water pressure, there’s a good chance your plumbing isn’t set up for commercial use.


An easy way to get the look and some of the capabilities of a commercial toilet is to search for a tankless, high-pressure toilet. These toilets look modern and streamlined, plus they’re just as powerful as a traditional tank toilet!


Vanities and Countertops

Commercial bathroom countertops are usually simple, lacking intricate designs and nooks that could potentially trap water and soap.


While shopping around, I noticed that commercial bathroom vanities were often made of natural stone in neutral colors such as black, white, or ivory. A common feature was clean, sharp lines and a modern appearance. Overall, they’re easy to clean and maintain.


Since many homeowners are looking to add countertops with these same qualities in their homes, a commercial bathroom countertop is a smart purchase. To ensure you have the durability and appearance of a commercial-grade vanity, look for thicker slabs of natural stone with a straight edge.


Hardware and Accessories

When you think of commercial restroom hardware, you likely envision the hardware on bathroom stall doors. However, hardware is used throughout a bathroom and not just the doors, including your shower door, hooks, and curtain rods. Commercial restroom hardware tends to look a bit bulkier than residential hardware, but it serves the same purpose. To get the commercial “look,” choose shiny stainless steel hardware.


Commercial bathroom accessories, including towel bars and shelves, are also a great idea for residential areas. Again, focus your search on stainless steel products with a high weight rating (hint: some products like towel bars can hold upwards of 900 pounds!) and fingerprint resistance for easy cleanup!


Final Thought

It’s important to note that many commercial products have a shorter warranty period than residential items. For example, a commercial toilet may only have a 5-year warranty, while a residential one may be 10 or more years. Pay attention to the warranty period before making a purchase.


Whether you’re completing an entire bathroom remodel, or simply want to change a few fixtures, you can never go wrong in shopping the selection of commercial bathroom sinks and countertops, toilets, and accessories for your home. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, at least you have some new ideas about how to make your residential fixtures more durable and long-lasting.


After all, features such as fingerprint resistance, high water flow, and strong enamel are important regardless of where you’re using the restroom.


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