Popular Wood Furniture Colors and How to Use Them in Your Décor

When it comes to choosing wood furniture for your home, there are multiple colors from which to choose, but what are the most popular wood furniture tones, and how do you implement them so that they complement your décor? When choosing wood furniture, most home owners don’t realize how many options are out there until they’re searching online, which then turns the search into an overwhelming task. While there are lots of variations when it comes to color tones in wood, there are five main colors that not only look natural, but also provide the perfect foundation for a variety of design styles and color schemes.



If you’re looking for a straightforward guide on how to choose the best wood furniture color for your décor, you’ve come to right place! Below you’ll find the five most common wood furniture colors, and which ones are best suited for your home’s specific design style.


Classic Walnut

When it comes to deciding on wood colors for furniture, the most timeless color is Classic Walnut. With its rich, medium-brown tones, it goes with just about any color scheme, and can seamlessly cross over from a traditional to contemporary design style (and vice versa). This color has a broad appeal mostly because of its earthy nature, as it looks like a color you would find in a beautiful wooded area, regardless of whether it’s actually natural or comes from a wood stain.



While Classic Walnut can be implemented into almost any color scheme, it works best when designing an earth tone room, as it provides the perfect canvas for cerulean blue, sage green, taupe, tan, and even pops of bold, lava red (yes, that’s an earth tone color too)!



Dark Mahogany

While younger home owners tend to desire a modern vibe to their home’s décor, an older generation of home owners are usually partial to a more opulent, classical design style. Whether you’re 32 or 62, a traditional type of décor can work well in a newer home just as well as an older one, and Dark Mahogany can help bring that old-world style to life. Dark mahogany has beautiful red and burgundy undertones that peak through medium to dark brown hues, and pairs perfectly with rich, ‘old world’ colors, such as gold, burgundy, teal, and emerald green.



Many vintage dining sets and bedroom sets are a traditional Dark Mahogany, which also helps to solidify a vintage vibe. Adding gold picture frames, burgundy candles, and various rich shades of green décor items will further enhance the warmth and depth of the Dark Mahogany wood.



Natural Maple

While most traditionalists prefer the aforementioned darker brown hues, lighter colors of wood furniture are what’s most appealing to those who prefer a more modern vibe and brighter décor colors. If you’re looking to create a clean, bright look to a living area or bedroom, Natural Maple is the way to go. It’s a light beige mixed with tan and subtle golden undertones, and still provides a natural look while supporting a contemporary design style.



Natural Maple pairs perfectly with light, airy colors, such as white, turquoise, tan, and even pops of yellow to provide a crisp, clean, spa-inspired ambiance. This type of color scheme is perfect for a bedroom, baby nursery, and even a sunroom, as it instantly creates a comforting, sunshiny glow.



Golden Oak

If you’re looking for something in between very light Natural Maple and Dark Mahogany, Golden Oak is another option that’s equally as versatile as Classic Walnut. It can easily be implemented in both modern and traditional design styles, and supports a wide range of earth tone colors. It works well with bright ocean blues, sea foam green, white, and silver, but also strikes a nice contrast against black, brown, and dark gray.



The buttery yellow tones, which are reminiscent of golden sand dunes, create a warmth that provides the perfect foundation for other ocean-inspired colors. This color combination is ideal for creating a guest bedroom or reading area, as it makes guests feel relaxed and right at home.



Cherry Oak

If you’re drawn to rich colors for wooden furniture, but want more obvious color mixed in with traditional brown hues, Cherry Oak is an ideal choice. Cherry Oak is a nice medium brown with vibrant, cherry red undertones, which can bring warmth and vibrancy to a very bland, neutral space. This foyer space doesn’t have much color, and the Cherry Oak foyer table provides a beautiful, bold contrast to the grey, cream, and tan tile. This table is a statement piece all on its own with the bold wood color, and really livens up the space!



Finding the right wood color for your furniture doesn’t have to be stressful, and can be done quickly and easily once you establish your room’s color scheme, and follow this simple guide. What’s your favorite combination? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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