Children’s Bedroom Storage Ideas

Discover fun and colorful ways to keep your children’s rooms neat and tidy.

By Ande Waggener


If you have children but you don’t have closet space, at some point, you’ve asked, “What can I use for children’s bedroom storage?” Fortunately, there are many children’s bedroom storage solution options available, and in this article, you’re sure to find some that will work for you.


Solving the problem of bedroom storage for kids is essential, not just for your I-hate-tripping-over-toys sanity but for your children’s well-being too. An orderly room for your kids creates an atmosphere conducive to their healthy play by day and their rejuvenating sleep by night.


If you use one or more of the seven ideas below, you’ll not only get your children’s rooms tidied up, you’ll also add some design flair to their spaces.


Bins, Bags, Boxes & Beyond

If you’re on a tight budget, it may feel like getting a handle on your kids’ chaos is impossible. Not so. You don’t have to purchase storage furniture to organize your kids. Bedroom organizers come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re made of all sorts of materials.


These organizers aren’t just for toys. Because kids’ clothes are, for the most part, foldable, nearly all of your children’s belongings (including toys, clothes, shoes, books, and personal items) can be stored in a variety of containers. Although you can buy expensive storage boxes for kids, affordable cardboard boxes can look just as good in your children’s rooms.




And you don’t have to stop at cardboard boxes. All sorts of containers will work. Here are just a few of the containers you can get from discount stores, thrift shops, or even for free:


  • Plastic clothes hampers
  • Wicker baskets
  • Big colorful paper or plastic shopping bags
  • Large shoe boxes you can cover with contact paper or wrapping paper, or just let your kids use fingerpaint or crayons to decorate the boxes
  • Large plastic bowls or soup pots you can buy for pennies at thrift shops, again, you can let your kids decorate them
  • Canvas duffle bags or totes you can hang on the wall.
  • Plastic or metal buckets
  • Crates you can leave natural or paint to match your child’s room
  • Vintage luggage


When you get creative, you’ll start seeing pretty much any object that can hold things as a potential storage solution for your kids’ rooms.



Another relatively inexpensive storage solution for children’s bedrooms is a set of simple shelves. Shelves are a good choice not just because of their low cost. A basic set of shelves is a far more long-term storage helper than age-specific storage furniture. Shelves will help you create a bedroom your children won’t outgrow. Combining shelves with some of the ideas in the last section can create a fun and colorful design element in your child’s bedroom





One of the most common toy storage solutions is a chest. Understandably so. Chests have several things going for them. They come in a wide variety of sizes, and they’re made from a wide variety of materials. Because of this, you can pick the style and size that are perfect for your child’s age, gender, and personality.


Chests are particularly useful for younger kids because chests are conducive to the way kids like to tidy up: shove stuff in a big container and shut the lid. Chests are great for toys, but they also work well for shoes, books, and even casual clothes. A chest can also be a base for displaying favorite toys or other possessions.




Chests of Drawers

If you have the budget for furniture, chests of drawers are the knights in shining armor of children’s storage. When a chest of drawers marches into a child’s room, order reigns almost immediately.


Although you can purchase chests of drawers specifically designed for nurseries or children’s rooms, a better choice is a plain chest of drawers a little more grown-up in design. Such a chest of drawers can still be child-friendly if you choose one that’s long and low instead of tall and narrow. A low chest of drawers will provide plenty of storage and also a surface for seating and other activities. You can even put a chest of drawers like this in a baby’s room. It’s a blank slate waiting to be styled to the age and personality of your child.





More substantial than shelves but less so than chests of drawers, cubbyhole storage units have cubicles for either open displays or enclosed storage. These units are similar to a set of kitchen cabinets. They come in all sorts of designs and colors, so you can make them as childish or mature as you want them to be.





Another storage unit that’s great for children’s rooms is the pull-out unit. This type of storage furniture is similar to a chest of drawers but more casual and more colorful. Basically, it’s an open chest of drawers that has pull-out bins instead of drawers. Because you can mix and match the bin colors, or switch them out if your child decides she or he wants different colors in the room, this type of storage furniture is fun and versatile. You can use it to store anything. Smaller bins work for socks, undies, and t-shirts or for coloring books, art supplies, and little toys. Larger bins can hold big toys, shoes, or bulkier clothing. These units are particularly well-suited to young children because lightweight bins are easy for little ones to pull out.




Raised Bed Storage

If space is an issue for you, raised bed storage is the ideal storage solution for your kids’ rooms. Depending on the material and the design, this type of bed/storage set up can be used for all ages, from toddlers through college-age “kids.”


You can create raised bed storage yourself. Simply build a frame to elevate the bed. Add a small ladder for bed access. Then tuck a chest of drawers, cabinets, shelves, or other storage containers under the bed. You can also purchase raised bed units that come with under-bed shelving, drawers, and even an attached desk.




As you can see, you have a multitude of options for children’s bedroom storage. Whether you want to be thrifty or upscale, you can add storage to your kids’ rooms in ways that are attractive and effective.


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