Fun Ways to Decorate Your Kid’s Bathroom

If you have children, then you know just how much time you wind up spending in their bathroom. Between those long, silly nighttime baths and learning how to use the potty, all the way until your kids are teenagers and spending long hours “getting ready,” chances are the lights in your kids’ bathroom are almost always on.


Because you (and your kids) are spending so much time in your kid’s bathroom, it should, at the very least, look cute. You may be wondering: How should I decorate a kid’s bathroom? And that’s a really good question.


Whether you have 2 under two, preschoolers, or teens, a bathroom should reflect the people who spend time in it. That especially true if your kid bathroom doubles as a guest bathroom. In this case, you’ll have to work hard to add fun features that work for adults as well as kids.


Here are 6 fun ways to decorate your kid’s bathroom, which should bring inspiration to your quest to find kids/guest bathroom ideas.


1. Start with a Shower Curtain

If you’re unsure of the theme you want for your kid’s bathroom, start with the shower curtain and build from there.


Children’s bathroom shower curtains come in a variety of styles. You can go simple and neutral, or big and bold. There’s nothing wrong with a plain white or another solid color, even in a children’s bathroom. You can always add extra fun accents in other areas of the bathroom.


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On the other hand, you can decide to choose a curtain with a kid-friendly pattern or neat color scheme to appeal to the young’uns. For example, I designed our entire kids/guest bathroom based on a yellow and white polka-dot shower curtain. The yellow was bright and cheery, which inspired me to decorate with a rubber duck theme. If I hadn’t settled on this curtain, I may have never chosen this theme.


2. Shower Curtain Rings don’t have to be Boring

Long gone are the days when shower curtain rings were just that: rings. Today, there are some unique and amusing shower curtain rings available at a variety of stores.


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If you prefer a simple ring, try a different color like clear, white or stainless steel. Otherwise, base your shower ring choice on your bathroom theme.


You’ll find everything from ducks and other sea creatures to arrows, seashells and more for purchase.


3. Toothbrush Holders & Other Bathroom Accessories

Toothbrush holders and other kid bathroom accessories sit out in the open all the time, so it’s best to have them match your bathroom theme as well.


Stores like Walmart and Target sell these countertop accessories in every color under the rainbow, including patterns and intricate designs.


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If you have plans to transition your kid-friendly bathroom to a teenage bathroom within a few years, stick with more subdued patterns or solid colors. Otherwise, get your kids involved and get their opinion. You may be surprised by how excited your children get over a fish-shaped soap dish!


4. Rugs

Kid bathroom rugs needn’t be expensive or luxurious, but they should be non-slip and absorbent.


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Look for a rug with a thick rubber back or suction cups. Are you a parent who frequently assists in bathing your kids? Then your rug will likely play double duty as a soft spot to kneel as you’re scrubbing dirty toes and washing hair. Think about how you’ll use the rug before you make the purchase.


I chose a neutral bath rug for our kid’s bathroom, for no other reason than because I know I’d be washing it a lot and I was worried about multiple colors bleeding together or fading over time.


5. Artwork

Art for children’s bathroom walls varies depending on the design scheme you’re working with. A few decorative mirrors or framed photographs are a good place to start.


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Budget-minded homeowners should consider peel-and-stick decals. These are easy to apply, affordable to purchase, and can be removed in a minute’s time when it’s time to redecorate.


6. Towels

Kid’s bathroom towels are sometimes slightly smaller than a traditional bath towel and they sometimes include a hood or other fun features. If you plan on creating a kid/guest bathroom, ensure there are ample towels in various sizes.


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Contrary to what you may think, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a slew of towels in a variety of colors in your linen closet. Display your favorites on your towel bar and you’ll be good to go!


A fun kid’s bathroom is likely to be well enjoyed, but it’s also important to incorporate elements with adults in mind. You never know when your guests will need to use it for themselves! With just a little forethought and a quick shopping trip, you’ll have a guest friendly kid bathroom that everyone will enjoy.

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