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Festive DIY Christmas Berry Decorations to Brighten Your Home for the Holidays

With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve been crossing some things off of my to-do list before my family comes to town. While baking my highly-requested “Very Berry Christmas Cake,” I was mesmerized by the beautiful burgundy, magenta, and red hues that served as an impetus for Christmas berry décor ideas. I love nature-inspired decorative items, but they can be hard to find amidst the singing Santas and snowmen centerpieces, so I decided to make my own. If you’d love to do the same, but you’re not sure where to start, I’ll show you how to make Christmas berry decorations that suit your sophisticated style and give you time to finish the rest of your to-do list.


It’s easier than you may think and more cost-effective than buying pre-made berry décor. Here are three Christmas berry decoration ideas that will bring the colors of the season into your home in a breathtaking way:


1. Christmas Tree Berries

When thinking of Christmas tree berry decorations, you might assume that you need loads of berry garland to get the job done, but this project doesn’t require garland or a massive 6-foot tree. I keep smaller artificial Christmas trees in my attic so that I can place them around the house (in the hallways, by the stairwell, etc.) when the holiday season comes, and decorate them with various accents. This year, I decided to put a few small ornaments on one of those trees with several berry picks.


You can find beautiful berry picks at your local arts and crafts store for about a dollar each, so if you already have an artificial tree, this will only cost you approximately $10 to $12. (Yes, that makes me smile too.) Simply place one berry pick at a time onto a branch, ensuring that the stem is tucked into the needles so that it stays in place.


Be sure to stagger the colors so that you have a beautiful array of red and burgundy hues. If you want to go beyond the realistic-looking colors, you can do white, periwinkle blue, silver, purple, or gold to add more vibrancy. You can just have a variety of berries, or you can also add some small ornaments to jazz up the visual interest factor. It’s really easy and only takes about 10 minutes to do. You can’t beat that!

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2. Buffet Table Berries

If you want to spruce up your buffet table (or even your fireplace mantle), this berry décor design is a unique, one-of-a-kind option. Most Christmas berry table decorations involve a centerpiece in the middle, but in this instance, you place berries on the entire length of the table. It’s fun and different, and allows your creativity to run wild! All you need are four 2-foot berry sprays in two different colors (I chose burgundy and red Christmas berries), a couple of candles, decorative vases, and a couple of smaller décor items (e.g., small tabletop Christmas trees or ornaments).


I already had a decorative vase set displayed on my buffet table, so I placed two berry sprays on each side of the vases. I then placed two bright red candles, and two small Christmas trees on the ends, and it completely transformed my bare buffet.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to variations in the design. You can make it perfectly symmetrical on both sides, or you can have differing heights for a more modern look. Just be sure to follow the “less is more” rule, to avoid a cluttered catastrophe. Other than that, you can follow this template while using different decorative accents to create a distinct design of your own!


3. Floral Berry Bouquets

If you’re like me and love floral arrangements, then this Christmas bouquet has your name written all over it. It’s the perfect way to integrate more Christmas berries throughout your home without going over-the-top. All you need is a small vase and six to eight small floral bunches from your local dollar store. Before picking your floral bunches, be sure to decide on a color scheme ahead of time so you know exactly which colors to choose. I chose red, burgundy, and gold bunches to continue the color scheme in the rest of my Christmas décor.


When creating Christmas floral arrangements, it’s best to choose a variety of flowers, berries, and pinecone accents to make it look like it came from a professional florist (which is you, of course). I chose red, burgundy, and gold poinsettias with gold berries to add a little bit of bling to my kitchen table. After removing the tags, I arranged the flowers in a small glass vase to create an eye-catching design. Here’s a fun hack: I did it without wire cutters! It’s actually best to keep the floral bunches intact to make the bouquet more secure. To learn exactly how to do this, follow my step-by-step guide on how to make artificial floral arrangements. (It’s quick, easy, and fun)!


The beautiful gold berries in this bouquet can be seen throughout the arrangement, and they perfectly complement the poinsettias. Again, this took about 10 to 15 minutes, so if you’re in a creative mood, go ahead and make more for your end tables and the nightstand in your guest bedroom. It creates a personal, thoughtful touch in a small amount of time with a small budget (it doesn’t get much better than that).


Creating Christmas berry decorations will not only brighten up your home, but the customized approach will add sentimental value as well. So make some hot chocolate, put on some Christmas music, and let the berry-making festivities begin!


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