Upgrade Your Powder Room With These Inexpensive Bathroom Artwork Ideas

If you’ve been wondering how to make your bathroom look more beautiful or more expensive but don’t have the budget to do a complete remodel, you’re not alone, and you’re not out of luck. Remodels are time-consuming, stressful, and expensive anyway, so why not make your upgrade as easy and budget-friendly as possible?


Whether you’re fond of florals or are more of a wine enthusiast, you can (and should) bring your style into whichever bathroom needs a little TLC, be it the master, guest, or kids’ bath. You don't need an entirely new design to make any bathroom more attractive and inviting for family and guests. All you need are some ideas to get you going. With the right pieces of bathroom artwork for your walls and toilet top, you can easily upgrade your washroom — no remodeling required.


Something for the Toilet

Let’s start with over the toilet décor because, let’s face it, the john isn’t the most attractive piece in any bathroom. Luckily, you can dress it up a little bit to draw attention away from how stark and shiny that porcelain is. The simplest way to enhance this piece is with some top of the toilet décor like a plant, candle, or small metal sculpture in line with the theme of your bathroom. A little statement piece paired with an accent color can draw the eye upward, rather than to the toilet itself.



As long as you’re upgrading, additional bathroom storage isn’t a bad idea, especially if it’s an attractive piece with some character. For extra storage, you can add some shelving, a towel rack, or a cabinet above the toilet to help balance out the upper and lower space, particularly in small bathrooms where the toilet is in its own little nook. Reclaimed barn wood shelving is a beautiful piece if you’re going for a rustic look, while a darker grain wood is a lovely addition to a more formal bathroom.


Something for the Walls

Pieces of wall art are simple-to-incorporate bathroom decorating ideas because you can select what fits your style, colors, bathroom theme, and budget. Here are some bathroom wall décor picture ideas:


  • Something Blue: Varying shades of blue are especially popular for bathrooms because of the sense of calm they evoke, so pieces in this hue are always a good idea. An ocean print, or an abstract piece that’s reminiscent of the ocean, flowers, birds, and more can also work to create a serene space.



  • Flowers: In general, florals are a safe play when it comes to wall art for your bathroom. They’re classic, they’re classy, and they can be pretty much any color you want. For a little more extra, include a flower arrangement that mirrors your piece of art, giving it extra life and dimension.



  • Bold colors: To shake your décor up, go bold with large prints, unexpected colors (no one ever seems to use yellow) and wild patterns. Not recommended for where you’re looking to keep things classic or calm, but definitely a way to grab attention and keep it away from the toilet. Tie this piece into the rest of your décor by making it an accent color that matches your towels or curtains.



  • Wine themed: Who says wine-themed décor has to be relegated to the kitchen or dining room? Show off how much of an oenophile you’re with wine prints, Tuscan landscapes, and, my personal favorite, a wall wine rack repurposed into a towel rack.



  • Signage: Give your guests something to read or ponder during their comfort break with some sort of written sign or print. Reclaimed wood signs are a gorgeous option for a beach house or farmhouse bathroom, but framed calligraphy can work nicely if you’re going for more of a hotel or spa atmosphere.



Something for the Kids’ Bathroom

Don’t forget about the kiddos! If you’re looking for ideas for kids’ bathroom décor, then why not consider some colorful prints and decals of your kids’ favorite characters? If you’re ambitious, you can paint them on the walls yourself with the help of stencils and your favorite artistically-gifted friend. Otherwise, printable bathroom art is a great option since these pieces are not set in stone and can be easily removed some time down the road. With this whimsical addition to what used to be a blah bathroom, bath-time just got a little more fun.



As you can see, if you’re tight on funds, you can forego an expensive bathroom remodeling project and simply upgrade your space with some art instead. You’ll be amazed by the difference just one or two pieces can make.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kate De Palma

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