How to Create a Home Gym in Your Basement

A home gym in your basement is a great way to create a convenient, dedicated space to actualize your fitness goals. Follow these basic principles to keep you on track both when turning your basement into a gym and during your workouts.


Stay Energized

If you’re not one of the lucky few whose basement has built-in windows, you can still bring light and energy into your workout room with the right color paint. Painting an accent wall with a bright color is a great way to energize both your space and yourself. Or bring an athletic design onto your walls by painting stripes in an inviting color. Red is a go-to color for dynamic energy. A vibrant green can make you feel recharged and balanced. Bright blue is considered a color of optimism to push you through plateaus. Keep your lighting scheme in mind and avoid colors or coverage areas that may deliver too much zing. A balance of calmness and energy is how you want your space to feel.


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Stay Grounded

Of all the workout room decorating ideas, flooring is the most essential to the function of your home gym, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Basement gym flooring should be shock-absorbent, easy to clean, and attractive. Using a low pile carpet or rug is an effective way to insulate concrete basement flooring. If wood flooring is out of your budget, try faux wood flooring, which has the added bonus of durability in case you drop your weights a little too hard after that last set. Waterproof vinyl tiling is sweat-proof, easy to clean and offers serious impact absorption and an array of color options. Bonus: It’s the least expensive option and doesn’t require professional installation.


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Stay Focused

It's easy to get distracted during a workout, so make it easy for yourself and avoid any unnecessary distractions by keeping your fitness area simple. Keep home gym wall décor to a minimum — just enough to keep the space from being too plain. Think functional items like clocks or bright, sturdy wall shelving for your exercise equipment. Use decorative hooks to hang colorful jump ropes and resistance bands. Having this gear on display not only brightens your basement workout room, but it also reminds you to use it. Wall art for your exercise room can be workout routine posters or motivational statements or quotes to encourage you when the going gets tough.


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Mirrors do double-duty in your home gym decorations by brightening your space and helping keep your form in check. Mirrors transform even a small basement gym into an airy studio by reflecting light and creating visual space. Mirror panels can be pricey, so opt for cheaper full-length mirrors that do the trick for a much lower price. Be strategic with your mirror placement. During strenuous exercises like lengthy cardio or jumping jacks, focusing on your red-faced, sweaty appearance is a deterrent rather than a motivator. Coordinate mirrors with your fitness area for form-specific exercises such as weightlifting, yoga, or squats.


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Keep it Light

No one wants to work out under harsh fluorescent lights. Since most basements don’t afford one a lot of natural light, avoid overhead lights when possible and opt for sconces and lamps instead. The key is to keep things energized and bright without being overly harsh or unattractive. The more pleasant the ambiance, the more likely you’ll be to workout and stick to your exercise regimen. And, metaphorically speaking, don’t be hard on yourself! Getting in shape takes time and dedication. By committing yourself to a home fitness routine, you’re already halfway there.


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The biggest challenge of starting a fitness routine is usually just showing up. The convenience of having a home gym makes it that much easier to stick to your fitness commitment. Turning your basement into a home fitness center gives you convenience and allows you to personalize the space to your individual exercise preferences and needs. Whether you’re into weightlifting or spin, follow these easy home gym decorating ideas to turn your basement into a motivating space that will help you reach your fitness goals. These simple workout room decorating tips will help you create a stylish, functional basement gym that will keep you motivated on your fitness journey.

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