The Kittila Child’s Bedroom is a Virtual Room Playground

Keeping your kid’s room cute but classy takes effort. Thankfully, the Kittila Child’s Bedroom covers all the bases.

By Janice Harris


We all have that ONE room we struggle with. It’s the space you keep shielded from the world by leaving the door closed when friends come over. Unfortunately, my children’s bedroom is the source of most of my home-related embarrassment.


My daughters share this room. They’re both under the age of 5, and their room is always a disaster. The reason the kids’ room isn’t up to par isn’t just because of the clutter and mess, but also because it’s a virtual hodgepodge of different decor and design themes. We have elements from both of their old nurseries in the room, along with mismatched furniture and different color schemes all competing and clashing with each other. Yikes!


So when we began redecorating our home, I knew the kid’s room was a high priority. Quite frankly, I’m tired of having a room that I always have to keep hidden.




Cue House Tipster’s virtual rooms. These innovative, interactive room design tools are the best way to help navigate all the elements required in a room revamp. Naturally, I took to the Kittila Child’s Bedroom because it includes every component I needed to turn my girls’ room from a source of embarrassment to a source of beauty and pride. I was inspired by so many different design ideas as I played with this room!


360-Degree Viewing

If you’ve ever tried to redecorate a room from scratch, you know how hard it can be. Where do you start? Should you work on the paint and trim first, or consider the furniture before deciding on the wall color? And then there are the floors, and the cabinetry, and the lamps, and so on.




Making a decision is complicated, especially when you’re investing time and energy into creating the perfect bedroom for your children. That’s why House Tipster’s Virtual Rooms with 360-degree viewing are the way to go. Virtual Rooms allow you to see a space from every possible angle so you can make sure all its different components work well together.




When I first chose the Kittila Child’s Bedroom from among the many different Virtual Rooms provided by House Tipster, I immediately selected the 360-degree viewing option and took a critical look around the room. I angled the cursor up to look at the ceiling and the curtains, and then I angled it down to check out the flooring and the carpet. I took inventory of the components I could choose, and then prioritized them based on how relevant they are to the kids' room in my own home. After just a minute or two, I had a good idea of the space and elements I needed to address.


16 Different Components

Most of House Tipster's Virtual Rooms have about a dozen customizable component categories, but the Kittila Child’s Bedroom features 16 of ‘em! The main difference between this Virtual Room and others on House Tipster is that in the Kittila Child’s Bedroom, the focus is on child-specific design elements, including whimsically-patterned rugs and small furniture at just the right size for small children.




The components in this Virtual Room range from the floor parquet to the door to the headboard to the wardrobe. 




Since the old, dingy carpets are likely the first thing to go in my kid’s current room, I decided to start my Kittila Child’s Bedroom customization journey here.




Customizing a Child’s Dream Room

"Floor Parquet" refers to the hardwood parquet-designed flooring options. And boy, I can say that I never even knew patterns and woods like this existed! The oak selection was light and sweet, but there was something about the "teddy bear" option that was just too adorable to pass up. My kids would love this!




Much to my surprise, the color of the rug that auto-populates in this Virtual Room wasn’t my favorite. Plus, with a patterned floor, I knew I needed a more subdued carpet and not a mixture of pink and ivory. I noticed the carpet has two separate customizable parts: “Carpet First Part” refers to the base of the carpet, while “Carpet Second Part” is the shag overlay. Talk about options! In the end, I chose the "frost shag" combined with the "frost wool."




I continued to go through each of the components, finally selecting a door, table, bed frame, and even the pillows. The process was easy and really enjoyable. If I was ever unsure of a decision, I made every attempt to view the component from a different angle.




The Kittila Child’s Bedroom gave dozens of different ideas about how I can perfect my kids’ room. Now, it’s time to get someone out here to measure my floors! I see some "teddy bear" hardwood flooring in my daughters' future.


If you have children or you know someone who does, don’t hesitate to design their room using the Kittila Child’s Bedroom Virtual Room. And don’t forget to tell me what you think about your virtual reality designing experience in the comments below!

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