Amazing Texture Walls Ideas as Easy Alternatives to Paint

Whether you’re looking to create an accent wall, trim a room with something exciting or completely change and elevate a space, these wall treatments will generate interest and dimension and are versatile enough for any home decor theme. Read on for examples and ideas to get your inner decorator going.


1. Tile

Linoleum or peel-and-stick individual tiles can be an inexpensive way to get the same effect, albeit with a little less dimension than the real thing. But tiling a small section or panel of a wall can be cost-effective even when using more expensive tiling. This decor idea lends itself exceptionally well to a Southwestern, Moroccan, or Mediterranean decorating plan. Patterned tiles can be mismatched, or follow a traditional layout. Plain tiles of stone can be mixed with different tones and variations to create subtle differences. This treatment is best in one or more small paneled sections depending on your room plan, as a full wall of patterned tile will overwhelm anything but a large space. Plain tile is more forgiving in a small space and is a great idea for kitchens or bathrooms.


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2. Wood Paneling

While this at-times outdated room decorating concept can be overwhelming (1970s ranch style home, anyone?), when done as an accent wall or in a concentrated section, it’s a pleasing way to add organic texture to a room plan. Faux-wood paneling can also be used, or wood-grain linoleum, though be careful of the finish on both these lower-cost alternatives so as not to compromise the organic texture and mood of the decorating idea. Consider alternating panel size, color, and direction for added visual interest.


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3. Tapestries

Tapestries are a creative way to add warmth, color, and dimension to an interior decor plan. Using a large tapestry to dominate a wall or combining tapestries as panels are great ways to bring this decor concept into a space. Neutral or natural colored textiles can be used as to add subtly-textured color and warmth. Or bright and boldly-patterned tapestries can create a distinct statement. Tufted, quilted, or thick-knit tapestries work best for their texture and depth, but thinner tapestries can create a similar effect. Look for items marketed as wall tapestries, but actual rugs and bolts of fabric can also work as substitute tapestries if you use proper mounting techniques.


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4. Bead Curtains

While bead strands and curtains are typically used in interior decorating as a room divider or entryway cover, bead curtains can serve as an interesting wall treatment. Hung either from the ceiling or affixed to the top corner of the wall. Like tapestries, this treatment doesn’t work well in large sections and should instead be used to either decorate or create a paneled space. Crystal beads, paillettes, shells and wooden beads are just a few of many variations to fit any interior decorating theme.


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5. Bamboo

Not just for the outdoors! In the same vein as wood paneling, bamboo makes a durable and aesthetically-pleasing wall treatment. The rods are split in half and then applied to the wall as a unique kind of facade treatment. Use in spa-themed bathrooms or to amplify Asian or boho-themed interior decorating plans.


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6. Stone Facades

A rough-hewn or staccato stone wall adds interest and dimension to your room plan and can accommodate modern, minimalist, or boho interior decorating themes. Himalayan salt walls are a beautiful decorative element, with homeopathic health benefits and air purifying properties. Marble (or faux marble) adds visual texture and depth with a luxurious feel.


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Whether used to update your living room, bedroom, or bathroom walls, there is an assortment of unique and flexible options available to complement any interior design plan, style, or budget. With all of these options, the hardest part of designing your room will be choosing which one you like best. Happy decorating!

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