Must Have Features of Every Eclectic Kitchen

Classic. Contemporary. Traditional. Country. Minimalist. Mid-Century Modern. When it comes to interior design, there’s a style for just about every vibe you’re trying to achieve. But sometimes, your style preferences don’t easily fit into a simple box. If you’re anything like me, you prefer a touch of every type of interior design genre throughout your home and especially in the kitchen where you spend a good portion of your time.


So, toss out those labels and forget all those interior design rules. My friends, it’s time to create an eclectic kitchen space made just for you.


Try adding one or more of these six eclectic kitchen design ideas in your own home.  


1. The Feature Presentation

Every eclectic kitchen seems to share this attention-grabbing trait: a feature presentation. Sometimes, it’s a boldly painted wall in blue or yellow. Other times, it’s unique tile work or a standout wine rack. The key to mastering a feature presentation is being true to your own style.




  • Your favorite building and home decor materials
  • What matters to you and your family
  • Are there any antique or hand-me-downs that deserve to be front and center?


Then, put it all together. No matter what, eyes will turn and focus on this “feature” the second family and guests walk into your home gallery.


2. Exposed Shelves

While by no means exclusively traditional, cabinets have become a mainstay in most North American kitchens. However, cross the border to Mexico or travel to Europe and you’ll quickly notice that exposed is the way to go.



Exposed shelves work to show off your beautiful platters, unique glassware collection, and handmade coffee mugs. Even if your dinner dishes are monotone and the rest of your kitchen is sterile and clean, exposed shelves have a way of creating an informal, cozy space.



3. Bursts of Color

While we all have a color or two that we can’t get enough of, a single burst of color (or more, if that’s your thing) does wonders to create an eclectic atmosphere.


Remember, “color” doesn’t necessarily mean wall paint. Stained cabinets, colorful servingware, or even a vibrant picture hung on the wall adds just the right touch of spirit and pizzazz.



4. A Hodgepodge of Eras

I can’t get enough of industrial furniture designs, but I tend to prefer a more traditional cabinet. Is it okay to mix and match?





Using a combination of multiple interior design ideas is easy and is great on your wallet. Feel free to shop at consignment or thrift stores and buy anything that strikes your fancy. Some great design combinations include:


  • Shabby chic and art deco
  • Scandinavian and retro
  • Traditional and mid-century modern


5. Mismatched Materials

When you go “eclectic,” mismatched materials are always welcome. Think wood floors and solid-surface countertops, multiple wood grains, and painted and stained cabinets in the same room.



Another great way to mismatch your space is to choose multiple countertop materials. Consider incorporating a section or two of wood or concrete juxtaposed with a natural stone or solid surface on an island or next to the sink.


Another good idea is to feature fixtures in a variety of metals, such as a brass faucet and rustic Edison light fixture.


6. A Personal Touch

Finally, don’t forget to be yourself. After all, that’s what being eclectic is all about!


Add handmade ceramics, showcase your child’s artwork, and feature your favorite plates out in the open. If you don’t have anything personal you want to share, go ahead and find some artisan tiles, set up a coffee bar, or construct a decorative bar.



When all else fails, find what you like and stick with it. Don’t feel confined to a certain interior design scheme, go with your gut when you design your room. After all, you’re eclectic!



Images used with permission, courtesy of Tina Jepson and

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