Amazing Interior Design Tips for Rain Lovers

If you’re only happy when it rains, try these eight ways pluviophile-inspired décor can create unique interior designs in your home.

By Ande Waggener


Do you think rain can only "decorate" the exterior of your house designs? Think again. Rain colors, textures, and motifs can easily come inside to blend into a soothing room design whether you love rain or not. But if you do love rain, you’ll also love how you can display that passion in a way that creates an eye-catching interior design.


It's important to note that I am a pluviophile. What’s a pluviophile? A lover of rain — someone who finds joy and peace of mind on rainy days. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I get to have that joy and peace for much of the year. But it wasn’t until I made some specific additions to my décor, that I discovered I could have that feeling all year-round. You can have it too if you’re a rain lover by following these eight tips for rain-lovers to add fresh and joyful touches to their interior designs.


1. Choose Rainy Colors

Soft blues, grays, and whites can generate a rainy day feeling even when it’s sunny outside.




With bedroom ideas especially, these soft colors create a cozy, romantic space that whispers of rainy days meant for napping or reading a good book.




2. Hang Sheer Curtains

Do you want clouds even when skies are clear? Hang sheer curtains over your windows.




Sheer curtains bring the fluffy white of a rainy day sky into any interior design, no matter what other colors or textures are present.


3. Light with Raindrops

Raindrop-shaped light fixtures can suggest the delight of a soothing drizzle. Chandeliers are a great interior design tool to create this effect.




But even if you don’t favor crystal light fixtures and you prefer something more basic (like I do), you can still find a light fixture that hints of a raindrop shape in your room planning.




4. Drop Everything

You can get even more literal with the raindrop representation by incorporating drop-shaped items in your home décor. For example, get a glass raindrop and hang it with clear thread near a window.




It will catch the light on a sunny day and remind you of the raindrops you love. And on a rainy day, it will seem like it’s playing with the falling drops outside.


You can also keep an eye out for rocks shaped like drops.




Arranged together, they will make an interesting textural addition for your interior design ideas in otherwise plain spaces.


5. Frame Rain

Decorate your walls with prints that celebrate rain.




Rain prints can represent many kinds of rainy days. They can add a quiet touch to a room with images of soft rain falling on colorful umbrellas, like this painting does. But they can also enliven and energize a space with more potent images.




The print above brings the crackle and sizzle of a thunderous rain into a boldly decorated bathroom.


6. Trickle-Down Décornomics

You can include rain in an auditory way in your décor with an indoor fountain.




That constant sound of trickling water will manifest a rainy day no matter what’s going on outside.


And if you don’t have a fountain, you can play rain recordings.




7. Play with Rain

Another way to get the auditory suggestion of rain is with a rain stick.




A rain stick is a hollow tube partially filled with pebbles or beans. When you turn the stick over, the pebbles or beads fall to the other end making a sound like rain falling. Some cultures believe rain sticks bring rainstorms. I keep our rain stick where I can grab it and flip it frequently. I can’t say it’s brought on many storms, but I do find it relaxing to play with.


8. Display Rain Gear

You can display rain gear quite literally with a rain hat or a colorful line of rain boots.




If you don’t have space to display actual rain gear, however, you can add rain-ready characters to your interior design accents.




If you have room in your design for more playfulness, you can even dress up a plush animal.




Clearly (or cloudily), you don’t need to wait for the rain to fall outside to experience the joy of rain in your everyday life. Sprinkling rain into your décor brings the delight of fresh drizzles or downpours into your everyday life.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Ande Waggener,, and

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