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Flashy Interior Design Ideas to Let Your Inner Diva Shine Out

If you love the brilliance of bling, you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing it -- You can also include it in your interior design. After all, you’re a diva all the time, right? You’re not a diva only when you go out


Given your diva sensibilities, however, you want to be tasteful with your sparkle. You don’t want to fling your bling so far and wide that you turn your home into a crystal and gold limousine wreck.


Therefore, just for you, here are seven interior design ideas that will bring the bling in just the right amounts to please your diva without turning her into a cheap tart.


1. Incorporate Crystal

The most obvious way to bring crystal into your space is with a chandelier. Chandeliers are perfectly acceptable in dining rooms and living rooms, so you can have nice big ones in those areas.


Photo by Breadmaker on Shutterstock

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But you can also hang a small one above your bed for some romantic bling.


Photo by on Shutterstock

Or if you’d rather, you can contain your crystal to a table lamp.


Photo by F. Serra Mubeccel Gulturk on Shutterstock

You can also be even more minimal and just add crystal accents to your décor.


Tuck crystal figurines together near something feminine like a silk rose.


Display candles in crystal holders.


Set the table with crystal glasses.


In the above photo, the glasses are paired with a crystal bowl touched by some of nature’s bling in the form of a few agates.


2. Meld Metals

Including metal in your décor is a great way to add some shine to your design. If you combine two colors of metal, you elevate that shine to a level worthy of a diva.


Photo by William and Sons Photo on Shutterstock

You can get this metal combo beautifully in a bathroom.


Photo by XtravaganT on Adobe Stock

See how the gold wall and the silver fixtures create a chic modern effect in the above photo?


3. Get Literal

In general, “bling” refers to jewelry and gems. Obviously, gems and jewelry of all kinds are diva-worthy. Don’t you just feel like a queen when you wear them? Your home can be worthy of a queen when you decorate with them too. For example, you can add them to your door hardware.


Photo by Dunaeva Natalia on Shutterstock

You can hang a glass gem above a doorway for a touch of Feng Shui bling.


You can also turn your wearable jewelry into décor accents.


4. Light Up

Tiny LED lights are a Diva’s friend. You can drape them or wind them wherever you want them.


Even against a rustic wood backdrop, these tiny white lights are Diva-worthy.


5. Get Beady

Glass beads add sparkly flow like a diva’s shiny hair.


Photo by apple2499 on Shutterstock

Hang them over a doorway or a window for delightful glints of glitz.


6. Mirror It Up

Mirrors reflect the beauty around them. You can enhance all your other bling design elements, therefore, with mirrors.


Don’t confine your mirrors to the bedroom and bathroom. Let them wander all through your home. They can elevate any room.


Photo by sirtravelalot on Shutterstock

Even a kitchen.


Photo by alexandre zveiger on Shutterstock

7. Clear the Glass

Glass furniture brings modern glamour to any room décor, even if the other design elements are pretty down-to-earth.


Photo by romakoma on Shutterstock

Glass accessories can add the same element, but when several are combined, they add texture as well.


Photo by WorldWide on Shutterstock

A glass block wall is an excellent way to glam up an otherwise dull space.


Photo by Marko Poplasen on Shutterstock

8. Let it Flow

Water adds a natural shimmer that brings the ahh factor into any diva’s life.


Photo by amfotografie on 123RF

You can balance all the shine of other bling design elements with the rougher texture of a more rugged indoor fountain, like the one above.


As you can see, dressing up your home in bling is every bit as much fun as dressing up yourself. The great thing about putting your bling personality in your interior décor is that even if you don’t feel like getting your public diva on, you will always feel like a diva, even if you just want to hang out in your PJs.


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