The Best Ways to Display Your Kids’ Artwork

Children’s art may sometimes be rough and elementary, but it’s also amazing and worthy of display. It’s especially fun to track your child’s fine motor skill development as their creations go from silly to spectacular.



My own tiny Picassos create more than their fair share of art, and there are a few gems scattered amongst all those papers, canvases, and clay moldings. It would be a shame to stuff them in a drawer, or worse, toss them in the garbage can.


But my kitchen is already cluttered. The last thing I want is a refrigerator full of art. Yes, it’s all beautiful, but it’s also just adding to the chaos! I knew I had to find a solution.


Instead of filling the front of the fridge, I decided to create a more permanent place for my children’s art. If you’re trying to find a place for your little artist’s masterpieces, check out these four solutions.


1. Display Boards

For temporary artwork, I made use of a display board. A standard cork board worked for me, but there are also magnet boards and even ones made of felt available at almost any major office supply retailer that also do the trick.


Find your favorite board and mount it to the wall in a special spot where both the kids and adults can see it. Some great places include the playroom or in a high-traffic hallway.



Families with more than one child may need to purchase multiple display boards or divvy up the space appropriately. Another suggestion is to assign a certain color/design of magnets or push pins for each child to help differentiate between each artist.


2. Professionally Framed

Every once in a blue moon, your child may bring home some art that blows you away. In these cases, it pays to put some extra effort into its preservation.


Believe me: You won’t regret spending a little money to get the objet d’art professionally framed. For larger pieces, consider a display frame or box with matting to help the piece stand out.



You never know, one day your child may have children of his/her own and that same artwork may grace the walls of the nursery. Framed art is the ultimate memento!


3. Transferred onto Useful Items

There are a handful of online websites that transfer your child’s artwork to different mediums. For instance, our daughter made a Christmas tree from imprints of her feet, and we had this interesting design placed onto coffee mugs as a holiday present for the grandparents.


But you can also have the artwork placed on canvas, ceramic tiles, and even flags. The options out there are endless, and you’ll get to enjoy their creations in a practical way for years to come.



4. Steel Wire & Hooks

One of my favorite ways to display art is along a length of string or wire. There are kits available at stores like Ikea and Walmart, but you can also make one yourself by using picture hanging wire or ½-inch to ¾-inch galvanized steel rope. Secure this wire to the wall stud using steel mounting fixtures.


Depending on the type of art you want to hang, use clothespins or metal hanger clips or hold up both ends of the paper or picture.



Keep the weight of the art in mind as you hang it from the steel wire. If certain pieces are heavier than others, place these toward the end by the mounting fixtures and place lighter pieces near the center.


Over time, switch out the older artwork with newer pieces. As it revolves (and evolves) you’ll be able to clearly see your child’s advancements. How exciting is that?!



Your child’s art deserves a special place in your home. Give it the spotlight it deserves by putting it on display. In doing so, you’re guaranteed to have beautiful original art, while also encouraging your child’s creative spirit at the same time!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Tina Jepson and

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