Why Acrylic Furniture Will Modernize Your Home

The beauty of acrylic furniture is that you can get the look of glass, but with more versatility and a cheaper price tag.


Also sold under names like Lucite or Plexiglas, this material is basically a plastic that’s strong but lightweight. Acrylic furniture is versatile enough for any room and comes in many design styles.


In small spaces, clear furniture can give the illusion of a larger room. If you have a room that seems overloaded with color, texture, or patterns, clear furniture can serve as a buffer.


Acrylic furniture is easy to clean, and as a bonus, it can encourage you to keep your desk or coffee table clutter-free. Its transparency doesn’t allow for good hiding spots. Whether you're looking to redesign or refresh, here are a few ways to incorporate acrylic furniture throughout your home for a modern update.


Living Room

Coffee Tables: Gorgeous wood flooring or graphic rugs can be showcased with an acrylic coffee table. The table’s function is maintained without sacrificing the view of the beauty under it. In living rooms where the coffee table is the focal point, there are plenty of unique styles that can make the table one of the highlights of the room.



Side Tables: Like the coffee tables, these won’t detract from the beauty of the floors below them. If the area between your sofa and the walls is narrow, using acrylic side tables can give the room a feeling of openness. Some cube-shaped side tables have an added decorative element. An opening allows you to display objects inside like an artificial plant or delicate vase. 


Occasional Chairs: You can opt for chairs that are 100 percent acrylic, but they’re better suited for the dining room. Some styles lack the comfort you expect from living-room furniture. Chairs with an acrylic frame and upholstered seats or backs can give the chair both style and comfort.



Dining Room

Tables: Since there is great flexibility in shaping and molding acrylic, the silhouettes and detailing you’d find in wood tables is also possible with acrylic. Clear does not equal plain. Styles can be found that create both formal and casual dining spaces.


Chairs: Like the occasional chairs, acrylic dining chairs can be made with or without upholstered seats. Incorporating upholstered seats can help add color or patterns to the room, and coordinate with window treatments or other furnishings.  For an eclectic look, you can pair acrylic chairs with a table made of a solid material like wood or marble.




Beds: For a distinct and modern bedroom, consider an acrylic bed. Because of acrylic’s strength and durability, it can easily manage the weight of a mattress, box spring, and restless sleepers. Options are limited and expensive, but these beds can make a dramatic statement.


Nightstands: It wouldn't be practical to have a clear dresser or armoire that reveals your clothing. But acrylic can make sense for nightstands. If you need storage by your bed, look for a nightstand with a drawer made of solid material.  Or keep a mismatched pair: one all acrylic and one made of a solid material.


Home Office

Desks: If it’s a challenge to keep your workspaces neat, an acrylic desk might not be for you. But you could look for a desk that just has an acrylic base and fixtures, with a solid table top. This way you’ll have drawers for storage that hide messy contents.



Acrylic furniture can seamlessly be integrated as a modern accent to any room. Can't find pieces that complement the design style of the space? Consider a customer creation made by manufacturers like Plexi-Craft. If you're working with a limited budget, or are unsure if acrylic is the right choice for your room, consider buying acrylic accessories instead of furniture. Lamps, storage boxes, clocks, and tableware are a few of the many items that are available. 


Images used with permission, courtesy of www.shutterstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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