The Beauty of Celestial Design in Your Home Decor

Reach for the stars with these cosmic home-design tips!

By Kathleen Wolak


When it comes to choosing a stellar design theme for your home, you simply cannot deny the sparkling mystique of cosmic décor. Thanks to rock star astrophysicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson making outer space cool again (Carl Sagan being responsible for the first run), it has never been cooler to integrate the planets, stars, and galaxies into your home.


Decorating with the cosmos in mind is a beautiful and fun way to infuse a magical and complex element into your home. Celestial-inspired design is a mature way to be playful. This design technique works anywhere in the home and adds a bit of smart whimsy to your dwelling without crossing over into silly territory. Read on for more spacey ideas!




The Planetary Palette

What I love about this magical design scheme is that the décor is more the story-teller than the color palette. I like to keep the background colors in the dark blue realm when working with cosmic elements not only because of the night sky simulation but also because dark colors can bring bursts of energy to home décor. 


Now, this is a versatile style, so don’t be afraid to go brighter with your palette. The décor you select will determine your background colors with this scheme. For example, bright sun décor goes best against a yellow, orange, or green wall whereas a gold star accent delivers drama next to a darker color. 




Space Invaders

If you are not decorating your entire home with a cosmic theme but instead plan to limit the scheme to one room, you are going to want pieces that are versatile. The result will be a better flow from one design to the next, and an overall more pleasing, cohesive tone.


This calls for pieces like starburst light fixtures and clocks, geometric patterns, and toned-down homages like planet-colored tumblers. For a quirky touch, I like to take the world component out of old globes for use as an accent piece.




Kobayashi Ma-room

Cosmic styling is a win-win! The décor, which can be whimsical or artful, depending on what side of the celestial scale you landed on, is very versatile. Spread it throughout the house for a dreamscape that continues through your entire home, or centralize all your cosmic décor in one far-out room! That’s the beauty of this magical design scheme. There is simply no going wrong with quantity. It is almost impossible to under-do or over-do cosmic design.


Cosmic and celestial décor is forever in fashion. Being able to bring the heavens into your own home is something designers will be trying to perfect for years to come. Whether you choose to join in on this galaxy quest with sky-colored ceilings or star-covered walls is entirely up to you!  Go on your own cosmic journey with our very cool Virtual Rooms and get lost in cyberspace with House Tipster’s 3D interior design tools.




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