Bold Décor Tips for Renters

Many renters get stuck in a rut of believing they have to live with whatever the landlord has chosen for their house or apartment. Without the option to remodel, or even paint, how can they alter the design status quo? The reality is – there are many things you can do as a renter to infuse your own personality and style into your home.


So before you surrender to sad, beige walls and ugly flooring, let us help. Here are a few ideas to bring bold and beautiful décor into your rental.


Temporary Wallpaper

The world of wallpaper has made drastic changes over the last few years. Reborn from its days as a style tool most associated with grandmas, today’s wallpaper is modern and fresh. It once required a sticky, labor-intensive installation process, with permanent results. But temporary wallpaper has entered the scene.


The peel-and-stick process is similar to installing wall decals, and just as easy to remove – perfect for renters. Available in endless patterns, from modern and graphic to floral and whimsical, temporary wallpaper can go almost anywhere. Try it on an accent wall in the dining room, or cover every wall in the powder room for a little surprise every time a guest uses the restroom.



Change out Hardware

Rental kitchens can be a hard place to make your own. Without the option to paint your cabinets or change out your appliances, you need to think outside the box. By simply removing the current kitchen knobs and pulls, and replacing them with something a little more stylish, you can make a big impact. Try installing on-trend brass hardware, and simply put the old hardware back when you move out.



Say Goodbye to Blinds

Window treatments in rentals are notoriously sad. Take down those vertical blinds or cheap, aluminum mini blinds and put up your own. Custom-fit Roman shades will add polished sophistication. Or add curtain panels for softness and color. Remember to hang your curtain panels higher and wider than the window frame to make your windows look bigger and your room look more spacious.



Focus on Accessories

When you can’t change the big things, focus on the little things. It’s all about the accessories when it comes to rental décor. Adorn your home with colorful pillows, vibrant rugs, trendy lamps, and beautiful keepsakes and you won’t even notice the bad carpet or beige walls.



Art, Art, Art

Artwork is important for any home, but in rentals it is one of the most essential items. Artwork adds color when you can’t paint, plus it works to bring personal style and flair to your walls. Cover a blank wall entirely with a huge gallery wall of artwork and photographs. It’s temporary and rent-friendly, but also makes a big impact.



Just because you’re renting your space, doesn’t mean you can’t love your surroundings. Every home deserves to be beautiful, and with a little creativity you can make it happen. Adorn your rental with color, style, and personality with these easy tips.


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