Alternative Wall Décor Ideas that Will Break the Mold

Everyone loves a good gallery wall. Whether it’s framed artwork or family photographs, the right arrangement makes a beautiful impact in any room. But, eventually you’ll want to try something different. Let’s face it, you can’t hang a gallery wall on every room in your house. Instead, try some of these alternative wall décor ideas.


1. Count on Clocks

There are stylish clocks available from any home goods store. Try a big graphic wall clock in the kitchen for a modern look. Or, for a more eclectic style, experiment with a wall arrangement of several vintage clocks in different shapes and colors.


Photo by Arturoosorno on Dreamstime

2. Mirror Image

A wall mirror placed in the correct space can add reflective light and make the room feel bigger. Avoid the standard rectangle-shaped mirror with a thick frame, it can look generic. Instead search for mirrors with a round or distinct shape, and a frame that jives well with the style of the room. Try one at the entry table, centered above the bed, or even in the dining room.


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3. Plentiful Plants

House plants are having a moment right now. And it’s no wonder they’re trending – they add fresh life to any space, and they’re affordable. For a truly creative wall display, look for wall-mounted plant holders. They’re surprisingly abundant these days, available at common home décor stores.


Photo by Sebastian Czapnik on Dreamstime

Or, make your own using mason jars attached to reclaimed wood. Well-chosen faux plants will work, but real greenery is always better. Black thumb? No worries, just be sure to buy durable plant varieties like heartleaf philodendron, spider plant, pothos, and zz plant – to name a few.


4. Go Big with Art

Instead of a gallery wall of several frames, make more of an impact with one large piece. Large-scale art can be expensive, so get creative to save. You could frame a big piece of wallpaper, or make your own DIY art. Another option is to blow up one of your own photographs – any store that prints photos can do this for you, and it only will cost a few bucks.


Photo by Vadym Drobot on Alamy

5. Antlers can be Chic  

Wanting a more rustic style? Consider an animal skull with antlers, or a set of mounted antlers without the skull. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be the real thing. They’re available in porcelain, plastic, even cardboard. They’re sure to add chic style to your room, as well as a conversation starter!


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6. Say it with Shelves

Wall shelves come in all shapes and sizes these days. Did you know hexagons are trending in interior design? Try an arrangement of stylish and playful hex shelves above your sofa.


Photo by on Shutterstock

Wall shelves look great in almost any space. Use them to display a meaningful collection, potted succulents, or your favorite decorative accessories. The possibilities don’t end. Be sure to vary the size and shape of your objects, using a stack of books to add height if needed.


When it comes to out-of-the-box wall décor ideas, think three dimensional. Not everything has to be framed and flat – don’t be afraid to take risks. Your home will have a more balanced style when you incorporate these alternative wall décor ideas.


Want to see what your ideas will look like before picking up a hammer? House Tipster has 3D Virtual Rooms just for that. This is interior-design tool is available online.

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