Organize Your Home Art Studio with These Clever Hacks

Clean up your studio and work smarter with these easy mess-busting tips!

By Kathleen Wolak


Home art studios are going to get messy. So much goes into making a masterpiece! If you’re a working artist or designer, completing a project on time will take precedent over maintaining a neat space. The solution? Keep a handle on the mess right from the start with this easy-to-follow path to organization that will leave your home studio an inspiration.




1. The Designer’s Filing Cabinet

Many artists and designers rely on magazines, posters, and pictures as source material. The trap many people fall into is not keeping these important images organized. Time is valuable to an artist, especially if they are working on a deadline.


An easy way to create a fully visual filing cabinet on the cheap is to zip-tie milk crates together. You can add as many or as few as you like. This way, all the source material can be organized by color, content, or another method of your choosing. By locating essentials within eyesight, you won't have to spend hours searching for that one image.  




2. Hang It Up

To store things like pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and blades, try hanging a tool belt above your desk. This will keep essential tools in sight for easy access while storing them all in one place.  Another bonus is this gets a lot of supplies off your desk or artist’s table, freeing up space to create without worrying about knocking something off, especially if it rolls.    




3. Divide & Conquer

Use thick cardboard or cardstock to organize a drawer for pencils, pens, and cutting tools. I like to sort by color, but many artists and designers prefer to organize by how often something gets used. Either way, the goal is to keep the studio neat and workflow moving.




4. Be Tech Tidy

Chords to computers, tablets, or other techie-design tools often end up in a disarray in a bustling art studio. A simple way to store all your chords out of harm’s way is to use a weighted mason jar as a chord caddy. Weigh your jar down with spare change or marbles so you can use it for as many chords as possible. If you want to get cheeky with organizing chords, snap a Lego person on your desk. Their hands are the perfect size for phone chords, and this is a fun way to achieve organization.   




5. Designer Organization

If you work with fabric and threads, this can cause a whole host of organizational mishaps. Hang your fabric swatches up on leveled hangers to keep them looking crisp and smooth. For spools of thread, try hanging them on a jewelry tree where they’ll stay organized and untangled.




The creative process can be messy, and it can be a chore to maintain a clean art studio, but these simple hacks should get you started on the path to clutter-free creating. Design your own clutter-free space online using our 3D Virtual Rooms and practice your organizational skills! What are some of your favorite ways to get organized?


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kathleen Wolak and

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