Mediterranean-Inspired Design Ideas for a Roman-Style Pool

Roman-style pools, which are recognizable for their unique designs, are just as fun to look at as they are to swim in. If your indoor or outdoor pool area is looking a bit drab in comparison to the pool, there are some easy ways you can fix it up to give the space a resort-like feel. Ultimately, your goal is to make the area around your pool feel tranquil, cool, and inviting. From installing travertine tiles for an elegant and natural look to adding color and fragrance with lush tropical plants, citrus trees, and palm trees, you can easily give your Roman-style pool a Mediterranean flair. Add in an outdoor kitchen or bistro dining area for snacks, barbecues, and cocktails, and you will have an entertainment-ready space in no time.


1. Sit Back and Admire the View with Chaise Lounges

With a beautiful natural landscape to gaze at, why not invite guests to relax and stay awhile. If you need pool deck design ideas, outdoor chaise lounges, designed to withstand the elements, are a perfect addition to the pool area. Warm, bright colors like blue and orange are great for creating a Mediterranean vibe. Put up a matching umbrella or two to give guests protection from the afternoon sun. For a resort-like upgrade to your lounge area, place a bath towel on each lounge chair for guests to use.


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2. Dine al Fresco with an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Food is an important part of Mediterranean cultures, and you can make it a central theme of your pool area, too. With a covered area, guests can sip drinks or enjoy their food without getting wet or sunburned. When you start making outdoor kitchen plans, consider that putting an outdoor bar or kitchen on the side of the pool that gets afternoon sun so that it provides shade. With an outdoor dining area, guests can enjoy their experience into the evening. Add some candles and decorative string lights to make a smooth transition into the evening.


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3. Turn your Yard into a Tuscan Retreat

To give your pool area a Tuscan-inpired look, start with Travertine tile. Travertine tile, which is among the oldest types of housing materials, adds prestige and sophistication when placed around the pool. Its earthen tones and exotic swirls draw attention without overpowering the area. Its sandy colors are also ideal for giving the pool area a more natural look. After that, it's time to add some color with plantings. Ornamental grasses, Hawaiian hibiscus, and philodendrons are all hardy, resilient plants that do well in pool areas and look nice, too. Citrus trees, like lemon and lime, which are native to the Mediterranean area, are also good choices. In addition to giving the pool area a natural look, plants provide some shade and hide the pool area from the neighbors' view. If you need pool decorating ideas for parties, opt for a bistro-style dining set, which looks elegant and gives guests a place to eat and converse. Just add an umbrella for shade, and your backyard will feel like a five-star retreat.


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4. Transform your Backyard Into An Oasis

If your backyard is quiet and peaceful to begin with, why not make it a complete natural sanctuary? Landscaping the area around the pool with natural grass and decorative shrubs or trees turns it into a nature-inspired getaway. To give the lounge area a natural look, find a broad tropical thatched umbrella to provide shade for sunbathers. If you live in a warm environment, you can plant palm trees around the pool for a tropical effect. Palm trees add a bit of fresh color to the area and provide natural shade. Pool owners can also add aesthetic intrigue by planting hardy hedges around the pool and trimming them into unique designs. This will give your pool area a neat and tidy look. Among all landscaping pool area ideas, trimmed hedges create the most spectacular visual display from anyone admiring the pool area from the higher floors of your house.


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5. Make your Indoor Pool a Soothing Sanctuary

-style pool.With an indoor Roman, you can keep the warmth of the Mediterranean with you year-round, even when the weather turns cold. In the pool, having submerged steps makes it easy for people to get in and out. You can encourage post-swimming relaxation by adding a rattan daybed pool and chaise lounges to the pool deck for an evening of peace and tranquility. Potted plants and small trees are also excellent additions to an indoor pool area, as they recreate the feel of a more natural outdoor environment. If possible, put in windows that open or sliding doors to ventilate the pool area on warmer days. This prevents the air from becoming stagnant and helps stop the growth of mold and mildew. With an indoor pool, less is usually more, and you can get away with using simple furnishings to create an elegant look that does not make the pool deck look crowded.


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Whether they are located inside or outdoors, Roman-style pools are a great place to relax and lounge. With the right plants, furniture, and poolside amenities, you can turn your pool area into a year-round entertaining area. Keep in mind that you'll want places to sit, pretty colors to look at, fragrances to enjoy, and a shaded spot to enjoy good food, wine, and company. Earthen and green tones create a natural look, while a few pops of bright color add a lovely Mediterranean accent.

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