The Dramatic Effect of Black Accents in Your Home Decor

This season, it’s all about black magic. Pump up the drama in your home with ebony décor!

By Kathleen Wolak


Making a bold statement with your décor while still maintaining a chic, clean aesthetic can be quite the chore. Fortunately, black décor is here to save the day! This is a great toned-down option for those of us not courageous enough to go full on noir with walls and doors (a beautiful and bold decorating technique in its own right).


Using black décor and accent pieces still achieves a satisfying level of drama and gives rooms interesting complexity. Read on for some easy ways to get your home in the black!    


Backsplash in Black

A great way to test the noir waters is to invest in a black backsplash for either your bathroom or your kitchen. This limited accent will give you a good idea of how grand you will want to go with the rest of your home. Most affordable backsplashes give you the option of adding or removing sections easily, so this technique acts as a sort of designer barometer. I recommend starting small, and then dialing up the drama with more pieces as you see fit.   




The Color Wheel of Fortune

One thing that makes black décor so special is that it is not only bold but also super versatile. Like white, pretty much any color on the wheel will work with black décor. Of course, the colors you pair with the black accents will determine the personality of your space.




For example, black accents in a white room give off a clean, neoclassical vibe while black accents in a red room will produce a rich and theatrical aesthetic. Conversely, brown and mocha shades will soften the black accents and give off more of a natural, tribal vibe. A good way to experiment with brown and black is to pair a black area rug with hardwood floors. This will bring a rustic, warmer touch to the black accent. 




Patterned Noir

Being such a high-drama hue affords black the freedom to work well with patterns. Patterned black décor adds an element of interest to your space that looks so chic! Black on black patterns can give off a beautiful textured look while splashes of color in any given piece can guide your color scheme.




If you are planning on designing with a large accent piece, or even an accent wall, I recommend trying out a textured wallpaper that features a black on black pattern. This focal point will give your room a unique, clean aesthetic that is anything but dull.




Decorating with noir décor is a beautiful way to show off your home’s dramatic side. Black accents are so eye-catching and chic that it is hard not to stop and stare at these gorgeous, inky elements.


Try out some noir décor using our awesome Virtual Rooms! There are plenty of options to play around with, and the 3D design tools make planning your dream space even easier.    


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