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  1. How Much Do Structural Engineers Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Do Structural Engineers Cost?

    The average cost to hire a residential structural engineer is $475, however, most people pay between $450 to $600. Some individuals pay as much as $750 to $4,500.

  2. How Much Does Lawn Mower Repair Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does Lawn Mower Repair Cost?

    When getting any type of mechanical repair done the final cost is always dependent on the complexity of the repair and the level of labor that is required to complete the job. Though, on average getting a lawn mower repair costs $80 -$100, depending on if new parts are needed and how long the repair takes to complete.


  3. How Much Does A Washer Dryer Hookup Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does A Washer Dryer Hookup Cost?

    The argument could be made that the washer and dryer are two of the most important things within a home. Whether you have a separate laundry room in your home or they’re freestanding in the garage, the cost of installing a new washer and dryer differs due to existing electricity and plumbing connections, the type of machines you have, and the location of the hookup within your home.

  4. How Much Does a Wrought Iron Railing Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does a Wrought Iron Railing Cost?

    Looking to incorporate a wrought iron design element into your home but not sure where to begin? Look no further, a wrought-iron railing is an eye-catching piece that makes a decadent addition to any home, but without the proper knowledge, it can easily lead to you going over budget. Wrought iron can be incorporated into your home through fencing, indoor and outdoor railings, design fixtures, and decorative window security.

  5. How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost?

    Although it may seem redundant, upholstery and furniture have a very short span before they decrease in the quality of appearance. Hiring specialists to restore the appeal to your couch will bring the refreshing youth that your home deserves. Your space is a sanctuary. Acquiring the services of a professional cleaning company will help you set milestones in creating a complete revamp in your interior. 


    Depending on the type of upholstery you need cleaned, the prices will, in all likelihood, vary. Since the size of your couch will probably be larger than the size of your chairs, you’re going to encounter matching costs. The average range that you should expect to spend will be between $105 to $230. Compared to the cost of replacing the upholstery, which could very well estimate between $200 to $1800, cleaning your furniture will seem like a cakewalk.


  6. How Much Does A Carport Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does A Carport Cost?

    The average cost to build a carport is between $4000 to $15000. Carports are an affordable solution for protecting your car from heat and sun damage. It is a covered space off of the side of a home, which can cover cars as well as items such as boats or RVs. This is a common feature in warm areas, as the carport can help to keep a car cool. A carport is a common alternative to garages.

  7. How Much Does Asphalt Repair Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does Asphalt Repair Cost?

    Much like having your driveway paved, the cost of having to make the correct repairs will involve different costs. It’s unfortunate but all materials will become susceptible to damage in one shape or form. Smaller complications can include potholes or cracks, which will probably range around $175 to $250, while the larger concerns might include sunken portions of the asphalt. These larger kinds of problems could cost homeowners a range between $2900 to $6000.


    The average cost that homeowners would most likely face would range anywhere from $200, all the way up to $1200, depending on the size or severity of the situation. The lower end of hiring a professional repair will probably cost about $100, but the higher end of this estimate would most likely be around $3000 or more.  


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  8. How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

    It isn’t an urgent matter to clean your home, but for homeowners who love to keep a rather tight ship, they’ll want to wash their home thoroughly and efficiently. By finding the right company, you can pursue a range in estimated costs between $170 to $800. However, before you do anything to find these estimates, you’ll want more information and a breakdown of what is to come. 


    The lowest average range in costs for a proper pressure cleaning of your home will cost you between $170 to $270, while the highest average range will cost you about $800 to $1000. Like any renovation project, before you begin any of your tasks, you measure up the size of your property. 


    Although this is a job that you can do yourself, the range of costs to rent a pressure cleaner will be estimated between $35 to $175 per day. There is the choice of purchasing and owning a pressure clean

  9. How Much Does Grout Cleaning Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does Grout Cleaning Cost?

    When it comes to understanding the viability of your tiles, the grout that might spread and grow inside your home is more than just for appearance sake. Homeowners, on average, will probably spend around $225 to $700 to clean out their tile and the obstructing grout in just a single room. 


    There is equipment involved in this job because of the many steps that are needed to undertake in the process of properly cleaning a room’s grout from within their tiles. At the very lowest cost, cleaning grout will cost about $76 but at the very highest cost, you’ll be expected to spend around $1030.


    Cleaning will probably cost in the estimated range of about $0.50 to $3 per square foot. There are some grout cleaning companies that will require the minimum charge of about $100 to $200. This is to be anticipated, especially due to how many different companies and industries req

  10. How Much Does A Mattress Cleaning Cost?
    Cost Guides

    How Much Does A Mattress Cleaning Cost?

    Most mattresses have a lifespan between seven and 10 years. But instead of purchasing a whole new mattress when the old one is not an item you want to part ways with, you can simply opt out for a cleaning service. Imagine owning a mattress for almost half a lifetime, only to then throw it away. Think about the cost of buying a whole new mattress instead of just maintaining your old one, the old phrase is, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


    The average cost of cleaning your mattresses will range from $50 to $150. And it isn’t too difficult finding a company that offers such services, in fact, the most likely scenario is finding a company that cleans carpets and upholstery. Before finding an estimate, you need to think about which mattresses you want washed and depending on the sizes of all your desired services being done.


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