Great Tips for a Minimalist Style Bedroom

Searching for a cleaner and more modern bedroom style? Use these tips to achieve a minimalist look!

By Liana Fletcher


The minimalist style encompasses modern appeal, along with the luxury of a de-cluttered living space. The minimalist’s bedroom is a sanctuary, a place for sleep and sleep alone. This desirable, and easily attainable style can turn even the most cluttered spaces into dreamlike areas of open space and fresh colors. Here are some tips to create a minimalist style bedroom.


Neutral Colors

One of the keys to a minimalist bedroom is neutral colors. Think of whites, grays, and beige. These colors create a clean appearance. Now, this isn’t to say that a pop of color won’t work. In fact, a pop of color can show off your personality! So throw in a fun pillow with an interesting print, or maybe a chic bedside table lamp.




Small Pieces of Wall Art

Gallery art hangings, simple prints, small spaces… Less is more in this case! You don't want to draw attention to any one area of the room, so stick with neutral colors, even when considering the wall decor. Fun gallery art is a great touch. One of my personal favorite ways to decorate a minimalist bedroom is with black and white prints of famous pieces of art or scenes. It’s easy to get carried away with wall art. Make sure not to use more than three pieces… Maybe one small print above the bed side table, or a few polaroid photos strung along the wall. 




Streamline Furniture

Simple lines and colors. This means nothing bulky, or oaken. Furniture for the minimalist style should be lightweight and simple. Generally, the bed can be very simple, with no headboard, or just on a platform. In my mind, I think of IKEA furniture, and how it can be easily-assembled and moved if needed.





Apart from literally cleansing the air you breath, a splash of natural green can bring life to an otherwise staid room. But if you’re going for a minimalist look, it’s important not to overdo it with the plants. Keep it simple, like with a single aloe plant, or a small succulent on the dresser or nightstand.




White Bedding

Obviously, this goes hand-in-hand with the selection of neutral colors when picking pieces for your room. Beautiful white linens on the bed make things look clean and fresh about. For a comfier look feel to the room, consider putting some chunky fleece throws and blankets across the white bedspread as well. It looks super chic, and it’s convenient when you get chilly at night!




Overall, the key phrase throughout the minimalist bedroom decorating process is “less is more.” Try not to overthink placement and accessories or you run the risk of over-decorating — which would defeat the whole point of minimalism.




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