Using Gray in Your Home Decor

Gray has often gotten a bad rap, but paired with the right colors and accents, it can transform a room into one filled with plenty of warmth and style.

While gray is often seen as a dull or dreary color, it can be downright gorgeous when used in your décor. From accents to an entire gray theme throughout the room, there are a number of ways to add this neutral hue to your home to create looks that range from warm and inviting to completely modern elegance. 


Light and Airy

You can use gray to create a space that is light, airy, and simply beautiful. A light gray on the walls paired with white and warm neutrals becomes the perfect mix for creating a room that is always inviting. Using white for the windows and trim will give the gray a lighter appearance, while the warmth of lighter woods balances the entire look. You can even add even more interest to the space with just a hint of a brighter color in decorations or fabrics. 


Contemporary living room arranged in grey


Accent Elegance with Gray and Gold

If you have a room filled with gorgeous millwork and moldings, combining grays and gold can transform the room into one that is of pure elegance. A soft gray on the walls paired with a darker band makes sure the millwork stands out instead of just fading into the background. For homes with multiple levels of millwork, alternating white and gold above the gray adds depth to the room and creates a visual focal point. For the furnishings and other elements, combine shades of gray with gold and white accents. This will infuse the room with a style that will have your guests feeling like they've stepped into a lavish mansion rather than your humble home. 


Gold and black color pillows on grey sofa


Edgy and Masculine

Whether creating an office or a playroom, blacks and grays will create an edgy, masculine look that is both sexy and sleek. Mixing dark gray with a dark silvery shade creates a space that is sure to be remembered. Add furnishings and accents in nickel, leather and gray, making sure to keep them on the contemporary side so they don’t get lost in the color scheme. The room will be dark, but silver light fixtures will make sure it's also inviting. 


Modern living room


Smoke & Mirrors

While you may not be a magician, a room filled with smoky grays, cream and mirrors becomes a magical place. A marbled gray and cream on the walls paired with mirrored accent pieces can transform a bedroom or bath. Add in vintage elements with gilt frames or antique furnishings, or go sleek and contemporary with silver and glass. You can also swap the marble walls with a half-gray/half-cream combination, and choose flooring with a subtle pattern instead. Experiment with different shades of gray to get a smoky effect that is sure to make other homeowners envious. 


Bathroom interior with gold and grey colous with sink toilet urinalmirror mosaic on the wall and backlight


Chic Ivory and Gray

If you want a room that's filled with elegance but is still inviting, ivory and gray is the perfect color combination. Look for medium shades of gray with a nice sheen, which will bring out even more warmth in the ivory. Dress the space up with accents of gold or bronze and you’ll have a room that is filled with interest and depth. Try to keep the patinas of the gray and the accents similar to really tie all of the elements together into a cohesive look that you’ll love for years to come. 


Stylish classic furnished bedroom interior


Gray is certainly not an interior design trend that's simply here in passing. It's often gotten a bad rap, but paired with the right colors and accents, it can transform a room into one filled with plenty of warmth and style. From the masculine to the elegant, rich gray palettes can help you bring gray into your home in ways that will make you wonder why you waited so long to do so.

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