DIY Hanger Wreath Heralds the Season Without Costing Much

A cute way to use things that are just hanging around!

By Gabrielle Koch


Why spend money on expensive foam or wire at a craft store when you can use a wire hanger to make a wreath? Save your cash for decorations to put on the wreath instead. This DIY hanger wreath cost me only $16 at the craft store. And it’s just the cutest fall accent to my door!


You will need:

  • 1 wire hanger
  • 1 15-foot roll of burlap (You can even find decorated burlap during the fall season.)
  • 1 can of spray acrylic
  • 1 bunch of fake leaves*
  • 1 bunch of jack-o-lanterns*
  • 1 wooden sign (Mine says “Trick-or-Treat” but you can get anything you’d like.)
  • Small bottles of purple, orange, and black acrylic paint
  • 1 small paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tan thread
  • Small needle


Some decorations were purchased because of how I’d like to design my wreath. Feel free to purchase other decorations and follow the directions below on how to apply them. Burlap can also be used for a“country”themed wreath. Instead of fall accents, you can use a wooden letter for your last name and other decorations. That way, you can enjoy your wreath year-round!


1. Gather Your Materials

It makes the process go faster if you have everything in one place. You don’t want to be scrambling for the hanger as your burlap is unrolling all over the floor!




2. Time to Shape Up

Bend the wire hanger into a circular shape. Try your best to get out all the kinks. Undo the top of the hanger so that you have a way to slip on your burlap.




3. Keep It Even

Start with the top of the roll of burlap. Pick a place in the middle to slip it through the hanger (you don’t want an uneven wreath because it’ll hang oddly on your door). Fold it back and forth like an accordion (or like it is being pleated) making sure you keep each pleat the same length. You should use the whole 15 feet to cover your hanger. If you would like a tighter looking wreath, buy a longer roll of burlap.




4. Nothing Flimsy Will Do

Your wreath will seem flimsy when you first put the burlap on. That’s where the spray acrylic comes in handy. Any brand will do. It is meant to stiffen the burlap so that it holds its shape better. I sprayed it generously two times on each side. The brand I used dries within minutes. Please be aware that spray acrylic is toxic when you breathe in too much of it. Spray it outside and leave it be. Then, come back and spray it again.




5. The Heat is On

Even with the spray acrylic, your burlap might still bend. So use your hot-glue gun to put a dab in between each pleat on the hanger. This will give it the much needed support to stay upright.




6. Staying Power

Thread your needle and use it to sew the burlap together at the top. You have the option of skipping this step and just using more hot glue like previously described.




7. Almost Done

Arrange your decorations on your wreath. Make sure you like the placement before continuing. Use your hot-glue gun to secure them to the burlap. The glue dries quickly so proceed carefully. A helpful hint is to put the glue onto the decoration and then put it on the burlap. That way, the glue should not peek out. You want a nice, clean look to your wreath.




Try it out, impress your friends, and comment below any tips or tricks you learned along the way!

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