House Tipster Finds New Design Trends Close to Home in NYC

There’s no better place to showcase your designs and explore innovative trends than the NY NOW Summer 2017 Market.

By Bea Elle


Our House Tipster media team has traveled a lot recently, visiting design markets in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. But who knew we’d find a plethora of inspiration right in our own backyard?


Currently, we’re covering NY NOW, the Market for Home, Lifestyle and Gift at the Javits Center in the heart of New York City. This well-attended event runs from Aug. 19-23, and features over 2,400 exhibitors across the interior design spectrum.


We hit the ground running on Day 1, and along the way, we’ve met dozens of brand representatives, product designers, and design aficionados. One thing is for sure: Everyone here at NY NOW is all about learning and sharing emerging trends.


And we love it!


Over the next few days, be sure to stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of the event, including exclusive interviews and trend previews. If you can’t wait any longer, go ahead and read on to learn about these amazing exhibitors and their state-of-the-art products.


Baobab Collection

Baobab’s scented candles are anything but ordinary. After a quick visit to the Baobab booth at NY NOW, we couldn’t stop talking about the intricate designs and the focus on both craftsmanship and respect for the environment from this Belgium-based company.




Each of the candles in the Baobab Collection is expertly made by hand, beginning with the hand-blown glass that surrounds each candle, down to the use of raw materials for the candle and wick.


The company’s current bestseller is the Black Pearl scented candle, an intriguing infusion of black rose and ginger. Trust us, it smells delicious!




To shop the Baobab Collection, head to their website.


Business France

French-made products are all the rage, according to Catherine Martin of Business France. She’s part of a team helping to bring the high-quality of French craftsmanship here to the US and around the world.




Here at NY NOW, we were presented with multiple products all manufactured and exported from France. Per Catherine, each one of the 15 companies here at this booth represents the best of the best in terms of French quality.


We especially loved the sprawling selection of glassworks from La Rochere and textiles from Garnier-Thiebault. It was obvious that these are top-notch products that homeowners are bound to fall in love with, the world over!


Learn more about the demand and availability of French-made products courtesy of Business France here.





Bloomingville, a leading Danish brand that recently launched in the United States 18 months ago, considers NY NOW their home away from home.




According to Gary Sherman, a representative from Bloomingville, the company is all about covering all elements of the home, “everything from dinnerware, furniture, and lifestyle products. We have it all.”


The European influence on the line of goods sold by Bloomingville is obvious, from the clean lines and the focus on natural, organic products like wood, terra-cotta, stoneware, and wool. We instantly saw this collection as versatile and timeless— they have a little something for everyone.




You can find Bloomingville products everywhere from big name stores like Bloomingdale’s as well as smaller “mom and pop” gift and retail stories. Check out their extensive collection on their website.


ANNA by Rablabs

Anna Rabinowicz began her career in design as a professor focusing on biologically-inspired design in New York. As she began putting her own styles together in her grandmother’s basement in Queens, Anna realized that she had something special going on.




Fast forward 15 years and ANNA by Rablabs is setting the standard when it comes to nature-inspired luxury products. Whether you’re interested in a dining table, furniture, lighting, or decor, this line has it.


Today, there are over 500 pieces in the ANNA by Rablabs collection and they’re sold at over 500 retailers worldwide. Though all the evolution and growth of the business, Anna continues to make home items that resonate with buyers using materials formed inside the earth millions of years ago.




To browse and shop ANNA by Rablab’s timeless collection, head to her website.


Zenza Home

We were fortunate to speak at length with Jasmina from Zenza Home out of Amsterdam. Although Zenza came to the US market just a few short years ago, they brought with them a design vibe that matched the trends of the American landscape.




The Egyptian-made light fixtures featured at NY NOW were intricate and very “bohemian.” Actually, much of their product line reflects this international, bohemian vibe, mostly because craftsmen and artisans throughout the world made these product with their own two hands.




Some of the most popular designs include brass light fixtures and textiles made of Tibetan lamb’s wool.


Check out Zenza Home’s collection here.


Lola Sanchez: Oliver Gal

There are many art-related exhibits here at NY NOW, but Oliver Gal definitely stood out to our House Tipster team. Maybe it’s because this 5-year old company manufactures art for a younger, trendy crowd.




We were drawn to their custom Italian frames, painted feathers, and the perfect sheen of their gold frames, all made here in the US. According to Lola Sanchez, the inspiration behind their designs comes from the fashion world in Miami and throughout Europe.




Lola’s seen a lot of great trends and ideas here at NY NOW that she can’t wait to bring back to her design team and see what they can put together for next season.


If you’re interested in creative wall art, including everything from neon signs to round acrylic art, then shop the Oliver Gal line.


Wow! What a great day at NY NOW Summer 2017! And we’re just getting started.


Keep up with our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest updates from NY NOW. We’ll be back tomorrow with more product and companies features you’re bound to love.