House Tipster Covering 2017 Las Vegas Market Expo

House Tipster will get a firsthand look at the trends that matter to homeowners, interior designers, and other professionals.

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For Immediate Release: July 20, 2017


House Tipster




Ridgefield Park, New Jersey: House Tipster, an online platform dedicated to connecting homeowners and professionals in a virtual community through forums, Virtual Room design tools, an online marketplace, and a home DIY resource center, is set to cover the 2017 Las Vegas Market. This event runs July 30 through Aug. 3 at the World Market Center Campus in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada.


Featuring the latest in furniture designs, home decor, and everyday gifts, Las Vegas Market brings together retailers and designers looking for the inside scoop on the season’s hottest trends. This bi-annual event is only open to professionals in the industry who are interested in scoping out hidden gems out of the 4,000+ exhibits, ranging from kid’s room decor and casual outdoor furniture to modern gift wrap, candles, home textiles and more.


In addition to the extensive array of exhibitions, Las Vegas Market also offers attendees an unparalleled learning experience via on-site seminars, continuing education opportunities, and networking sessions.


A team from House Tipster is pleased to attend the 2017 event. While there, House Tipster will get a firsthand look at the trends that matter to homeowners, interior designers, and other professionals.


“We’re thrilled to visit this season’s Las Vegas Market to get a glimpse of the newest in furniture, decor, and gift trends that matter to our audience,” said Thomas Wolosik, Executive Manager at House Tipster.  “Our Media Team is eager to talk with brand representatives and hear about exactly what they’re adding to the retail market. It’s an exciting time in the home design and lifestyle markets, and we’re glad to be a part of it.”


Buyers, designers, and other home professionals can still register to attend the event, but you’ll need proof of trade status to complete your registration. Consumers interested in the latest trends are always welcome to visit the Las Vegas Design Center on off-market dates.


House Tipster is a full-service online platform for homeowners and professionals offering virtual room design, a House Tips information library, helpful forums, exclusive interviews and more to ensure your dream home becomes a reality.


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